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Dubai is a beautiful city to visit. It is a cosmopolitan city that has been exposed to innumerable cultures. The number of languages spoken is one of the many proofs that show the cosmopolitan nature of the Dubai city.

Despite this the city has succeeded in conserving its rich culture and heritage. Among the seven emirates in the UAE Dubai comes second in terms of its size. Situated in the North-Eastern part of UAE it reaches the old village of Hatta.

When to Go: The city could be the perfect getaway when if you are looking for sunshine and warmth. The period between November and March is said to have the best climate and therefore the best time to visit Dubai. The early months of the year also have the attraction of the Dubai Shopping Festival where you can shop till you drop.

Getting There & Around: You can easily get to the city on direct flights, as the city has an excellent international airport that is rated among the world's 10 best airports. You can get flights from important cities of the world.

Getting around the city is also easy as you can conveniently avail of the rented cars, comfortable and reasonable taxis and numerous public buses.

Accommodation in Dubai: Being in a major tourist city you can get varied lodging options to choose from. You can access the airport from any point of the city. However, staying at Bur Dubai, located at the heart of the city, will help you to commute to the other parts of the city with greater convenience. Plenty of hotels can be found here.

Things to do in Dubai: You will find the city beautiful with plenty of attractions like the Museum, Creek, Jumeira Mosque, Wonderland, Wild Wadi, Desert Safari, Wonder Bus, etc.

You can also shop extensively at the contemporary shopping complexes. Shopping is not a new trend here. You can enjoy shopping at the conventional 'bazaars' or souks too.

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Stay in Dubai Hotels to experience the City - Hotels in Dubai
The Dubai Hotels - In order to accommodate its ever-increasing tourist population Dubai has been bound to come up with a vast supply of various types of hotels in Dubai City.
Dubai Resorts & Spa - Beach, Desert & Luxury - Dubai Resorts are truly magical.
Are you Looking for Dubai Resorts? There are times when you want to be indulgent enough to opt for luxurious Dubai resorts instead of the reasonable hotels.
Dubai Villas - Are you looking for Villas in Dubai? Buy or Rent Dubai Villas
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Dubai Beaches - Excellent and Romantic Dubai Beaches
Dubai Beaches - Beautiful sun, sand and water - that is what constitutes holidays in Dubai beaches.
Dubai Islands: The World, Dubai Palm Island. Man made Dubai Islands
Dubai Islands Information - The Dubai has two major plans for the construction of artificial Dubai islands. The first one is The Palm Island and the second one is The World Island.
Dubai Palm Island - The Palm, Jebel Ali, Deira, Jumeirah. Dubai Palm Islands
Dubai palm island is a plan that is being executed and is on the verge of completion. The construction of three Dubai palm islands has been proposed.
Trip Dubai City to enjoy your holidays. Visit Dubai City
Dubai City is perhaps one of the most sought after cities in terms of commerce, tourism and even residency. Read more about Dubai City culture, history, weather, climate & much more.
Dubai Weather Forecast - A Year of Dubai Weather
You can easily examine of the Dubai weather if you divide the year into phases. January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December could be the four time phases that may use
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Dubai holidays take you to some of the worth visiting places. Visit here to enjoy your Dubai Holidays.
Travel to Dubai City by Air, Bus, Car or travel to dubai by Water Taxi
You can travel to Dubai from any corner of the earth with the help of the flights that will reach you to the famous Dubai International Airport.
Dubai Travel by Bus, Car, Taxi, Waterway - Dubai Travel Guide
Dubai Travel - Once you reach Dubai, which you generally do via the airlines, you need find modes and means of getting around the city of Dubai.
Dubai Tourism - Your Guide to Tourism in Dubai city
Over the years Dubai tourism has become one of the major segments of Dubai’s economy. Tourism in Dubai City has developed in such a way that at present there are numerous tourism companies
Travel to Dubai UAE - When and how to Travel to Dubai City
Your Guide to Travel to Dubai UAE city - Know when is the best time to visit dubai, visa requirements to travel to dubai city.
Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai, UAE. Jumeirah Hotels Dubai
The Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai is best suited for a family tour because, Jumeirah beach hotel Dubai has extensive range of services.
Fairmont Hotel Dubai. Information & Reviews on Fairmont Hotel Dubai
The Fairmont Hotel Dubai offers excellent accommodation with all kinds of modern amenities. The strategic location of Fairmont Hotel Dubai makes it a favorite among leisure travelers.
Crowne Plaza Hotel Dubai - Hotels in Dubai - Crowne Plaza Reviews
Crowne plaza hotel Dubai situated on the Sheikh, Zayed Road, is the most suitably located luxury hotels in Dubai. Crowne plaza hotel Dubai, has long been a favorite among both leisure and business.
Admiral Plaza Hotel Dubai - Bur Dubai - Admiral Plaza Hotel Dubai
Admiral Plaza Hotel Dubai is a three star hotel. The hotel is a unique blend of ancient hospitality and modern convenience. Admiral Plaza Hotel Dubai is one of the top rated hotels in Dubai.
Ascot Hotel Dubai, UAE Information. Ascot Hotel Dubai Reviews
Ascot Hotel Dubai guests experience a wide opportunity to shop from the shopping centers very close to the Ascot hotel Dubai and carry out their business propositions at the same time.
Avari Hotel Dubai - Information on the Avari hotel in Dubai City
Avari hotel Dubai is adjacent to the Clock Tower approximately on the Diera side, and is in the center of the Dubai city. Avari hotel in Dubai is close to the Trade Center and is also near to offices
Best Beaches in Dubai - Unique and strange beaches in Dubai City
Unique and strange combination of deserts and Beaches in Dubai. One of the main reasons for tourist attraction in Dubai is the presence of attractive beaches in Dubai city.
Bur Dubai Attractions, Shopping & Accommodations - Bur Dubai Information
Visiting Bur Dubai? - Whether you are in search of excellent tourist attraction, great shopping options or good hotels Bur Dubai will not disappoint you.
Burj Al Arab Dubai History, Dimension & Features - Burj Al Arab Dubai
About Burj Al Arab Dubai - If you are in Dubai and wish to indulge in a living style that simply spells luxury you ought to be at the Burj al Arab Dubai.
Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai -Jumeirah Hotels- Burj Al Arab Dubai
Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai with its burj-like architecture, luxury suites, treatment rooms and wonderful restaurants, the Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai is a dream in reality.
Jobs Dubai - Find your secure Jobs in Dubai here
Jobs Dubai are among the most lucrative in the world today. The working conditions are great, and due to the booming economic conditions, demand for jobs in Dubai city is ever increasing.
Burj Dubai idea, dimension, pattern & construction. Al Burj Dubai Skyscraper
The yet to be completed Burj Dubai is aimed to be the world’s tallest skyscraper on completion. At the Burj Dubai you will not only be a part of history but can live in absolute luxury.
Buying Property in Dubai City? - Your Guide to Buying a Property in Dubai
If you have made up your mind on buying property in Dubai you are about to make a wise decision.
Dubai Visa: Do I need a Visa for Dubai? Read Dubai Visa Guide
Dubai Visa - If you want to embark on a tour to Dubai city you need to get yourself a Dubai Visa for entering the city.
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Where is Dubai Located – That’s a question we were asked a lot. The first question that will pop up in your mind is where is Dubai located? An answer to this question and other relevant questions has.
Where is Dubai? Do you want to know Where is Dubai Located? Click here to read..
Where is Dubai? If this is the question you have been pondering over for some time then you need to find out it's exact location. Read Where is Dubai article to know Dubai's location.
City of Dubai - Comprehensive list of information on City of Dubai
The United Arabs Emirates consists of seven emirates and City of Dubai is one of them.
Deira Dubai Accommodations, Attractions & Shopping in Deira
Deira Dubai is an excellent place to visit, as you will certainly not fall short of places to visit. Deira is a storehouse of attractions along with modern shopping facilities and an absolute hassle.
Dubai Dhow Cruising - A Unique way to experience the Dubai - Dhow cruising in Dubai
Dubai Dhow Cruising could prove to be the paramount of your tour in Dubai. A tour on Dhow Cruise through the city at night could very well be described as a painters world beauty and excellence.
Dubai Accommodation - Stay in Luxurious Accommodation in Dubai Emirates
Dubai Accommodation comes in the form of aprtments, bed and breakfast, guest houses, hotels, resorts and villas - these are various types of accommodation in Dubai that may vary in location and cost.
Dubai City Tours - A Thing Not to Be Missed - Dubai City Tours
The Dubai city tours unfold before you a huge treasury of the world’s best sites and attractions. Popular Dubai City Tours are Dhow Cruise, Desert Safari, The Big Bus, Wonder Bus, Wild Wadi and more.
Dubai Climate - Rainfall, Air currents - Sunny Round the Year Dubai Climate
The typical Dubai climate is sunny throughout the year. The Bedouin tribes believed that the variations of the Dubai climate affected mortality.
Dubai Creek - Sightseeing, Trade & Development of Dubai Creek
The Dubai Creek is a major attraction for tourists, traders and dwellers of Dubai. Dubai Creek keeps bustling with life throughout the year.
Dubai Culture - Rich and Retained - About Dubai Culture
The national religion of Dubai is Islam. Hence, most of the Dubai culture has been derived from the Islam.
Dubai Desert Safari: The Most Exciting and Most Popular Dubai Desert Safari Tour
If deserts sound drab and uneventful, the Dubai Desert Safari may make you reconsider your thoughts. Dubai Desert Safari is a special attraction that Dubai can offer you.
Dubai Events - Entertainment, Sports, Shopping & More - Dubai Events
Dubai Events - Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Besides its beautiful locale, Dubai events make the city more alluring.
Dubai Gold Market Buyer’s Guide - Souk, Specialty - Dubai Gold Market
You may not have a weakness for gold jewelry but a visit to Dubai Gold Market will make you buy at least a small gold trinket.
Dubai Gold Souk - Planning to buy Gold in Dubai? Find Gold Souk in Dubai
As you step into the Dubai Gold Souk you will feel you have entered a fairyland made of pure gold. The best thing about the Dubai Gold Souk is that here you can get real gold at an extremely low price
Dubai History - The Memorable Past - Dubai History
The Dubai history tells you about its initial existence as a civilization that depended mainly on fishing. Read more about Dubai History here...
Dubai Indoor Ski Slope. Surrounding Aesthetic Surprises, Dubai Indoor Ski Slope
Dubai Indoor Ski Slope - Skiing in one of the warmest countries of the world? And that too, the magic is it is offered indoors. Does it sound interesting? Then read more about Dubai Indoor Ski Slope.
Dubai Indoor Ski Resort Information Guide - The Dubai Indoor Ski Slope
Did you know that Dubai indoor ski resort is the first of its kind in the Middle East? You can never be too old to have fun. Dubai indoor Ski offers the perfect entertainment options for everyone...
Dubai Information Guide - A list of information on the Dubai City
Your Guide to the Dubai Information - If you take a look at modern Dubai you will not be able to recall its former desert for.
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Dubai City Search Results
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Dubai Seven Star Hotel - The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai City
If you have been looking for a one of a kind experience, the Dubai seven star hotel is the place to be. It's all you had dreamt of, and some more!
Dubai Tourist Visa: Applying for Tourist Visa to Dubai? Read Tourist Visa Guide
Here are some tips on how to get a Dubai Tourist Visa with ease. You can also find who needs the tourist visa, how much does it cost and what are the visa requirements.
Dubai Work Visa Requirements: Read Working Visa for Dubai Guide
Here are some facts you should know while obtaining a Dubai Work Visa. You can also read working visa for Dubai processing time, who needs the work visa, how much does it cost and what are the visa requirements.
Dubai Transit Visa: Read Transit Dubai Visa Requirements
Here are some tips on availing a Dubai Transit Visa to make a trip to the Emirates smoother. Dubai has been one of the principal transit points of international airways and sea-routes globally.
Dubai Marina has been rightly called a City Within a City - Dubai Marina
The Dubai Marina is a dream that is taking shape under the hands of the Emaar Properties. You will be amazed to see Dubai Marina glittering fairytale-like city at the centre of the newly developed
Dubai Media City Objectives, Aspects & Business - Dubai Media City Information
Dubai Media City is the perfect place for media to flourish. You can conveniently set up and run your business in Dubai Media City irrespective of whether you own a small company or as a freelancer.
Dubai Nightclubs Features, Regulations. Visit Dubai Nightclubs to enjoy
Dubai Nightclubs - Dubai Government has invested an immense amount in developing the tourism in Dubai. With this the Dubai nightclubs have also entered a booming phase.
Dubai Nightlife - DJs, Music, Pubs & Bars - Dubai Nightlife Clubs
Dubai nightlife can indeed be full of fun and excitement. However, you need to have a sound knowledge about Dubai nightlife activities that you can participate in as well as the rules and regulations
The Dubai Palm Islands - Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira
The Dubai Palm Islands are the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira are three biggest man-made islands of the world.
Dubai Property Investment - Finance, Selection, Resale Dubai Property Investment
Guide to a Prudent Dubai Property Investment - When you invest in a property, in any part of the world, is an important and expensive issue and hence you need to take a lot of care before & after
Dubai Property Law
Dubai Property Law - Essential Knowledge for Prospective Owners. It is true that you can know the Dubai property laws through the official journals but it is always advisable to opt for professional
Dubai Real Estate. Looking Property in Dubai? Dubai Real Estate Guide
Dubai real estate holds a lot of attraction for most people. Dubai is definitely a nice place where you would want to own some Dubai Real Estate or take on lease or rent.
The Dubai Shopping Festival Surprises - Dubai Shopping Festival Entertainment
Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual event that found its origin on 15th February in the year 1996. Initially Dubai Shopping Festival was designed to boost up consumerism but later it went on to
Dubai Short Break - Preparation, Shopping and Things to do - Dubai Short Break
Dubai Short Break - The weekend may seem too short a time to completely experience the exotic charm of Dubai.
Dubai Ski Resort Plan & Features - The Dubai Ski Resort Guide
Did you hear about Dubai Ski Resort? - It is indeed beyond a person?s imagination to find a ski resort in a desert. Dubai Ski Resort is a new phenomenon that has been yet another attempt to keeping.
Dubai Sports City - Read more about the Dubai Sports City
Dubai Sports City is a dream project that is taking shape. With the completion of Dubai sports city and for that matter the world, will witness a unique self-sufficient sports locale.
The Dubai UAE Information - All about the Dubai UAE
Visit Dubai - The United Arab Emirates or UAE is made up of seven emirates and as you know Dubai UAe is one of them.
Dubai Vacation - Come to enjoy Excellent Romantic Dubai Vacation
Planning Dubai Vacation? There are some nitty-gritty you need to keep in mind before you can actually go to Dubai Vacation.
Dubai Waterfront welcomes the world - Dubai Waterfront Information
Dubai Waterfront is a startling new development. The intension behind the creation of the Dubai Waterfront is to build a superlative destination for businesses, visitors and residents.
Dubai Weather Guide - Information on the Dubai Weather
The Dubai Weather - Dubai experiences a dry subtropical climate characterized with clear blue skies, and summer storm. The Dubai weather observes diverse types of winds blowing across the desert
Food in Dubai - Information on the Food in Dubai City
Worried about the Food in Dubai? - Whatever your taste you are sure to find the food in Dubai of your choice.
Guide to Dubai - A Comprehensive information Guide to Dubai
guide to Dubai will show you the best ways of enjoying the essence of Dubai.
History of Dubai City - A Rich Heritage - History of Dubai, UAE
The history of Dubai goes back to the 18th century when Dubai was inhabited by Bani Yas tribes. You can further track the history of Dubai to Before Christ era based on the evidence found in graves.
Jumeirah Dubai Accommodations, Attractions & Shopping - Jumeirah Guide
Jumeirah Dubai - Whether you are fun loving, religious or of a more contemplative nature, you are sure to have your share of a perfect visit to Jumeirah in Dubai.
Jumeirah Islands Dubai - Find more about Jumeirah Islands in Dubai City
Jumeirah Islands, which is being constructed by Nakheel, is five star housing assets. Facilities and activities on Jumeirah islands include a community club for enjoyment.
Living in Dubai - Amenities, Employment and Cost of living in Dubai
You may find the cost of living in Dubai extremely high. However, it must be borne in mind that the average standard of living in Dubai is also quite high.
Location of Dubai - Are you looking location of Dubai in the Globe?
Location of Dubai City - Dubai boasts of an extremely advantageous location on the globe that has helped Dubai to flourish economically to a great extent.
Ramada Continental Hotel Dubai -Deira, Dubai Hotels Ramada Continental Hotel
The charming ambiance at Ramada Continental Hotel Dubai is alluring in its own way. Ramada Continental Hotel Dubai is suitably located in Deira, Dubai.
Ski Dubai - An unforgettable snow experience - Ski Dubai Resort
Ski Dubai ? The Coolest Thing To Do In Dubai City. Finding a ski resort in such a city is indeed a wonder. Ski Dubai is proud to bring before you an indoor ski resort.
The Big Bus: Unique way to Experience the Dubai City. The Big Bus Tours
The Big Bus - One of the best ways of touring the wonderful city of Dubai is a ride on the red double decker the Big Bus.
The Palm Hotel Dubai, UAE -Dubai Hotels- the Palm Dubai Reviews
Stay in the Palm hotel Dubai - To make your stay luxurious and comfortable in Dubai, the Palm hotel Dubai offers exclusive service to its guests.
The World Dubai - Man-made Group of Islands - The World Dubai
With the creation of The World Dubai, the map of Dubai, and for that matter the entire globe, will never gain be the same. The World Dubai is being developed by the Al Nakheel Properties.
Dubai Parks - Dubai Creek, Jumeirah Beach, Open Beach Dubai Parks
Dubai Parks - Dubai boasts of being the city with the highest number of planned Dubai parks in the United Arab Emirates.
Things to do in Dubai City - Coolest, Fun and Romantic things to do in Dubai
In this article you will find about best things to do in Dubai such as cool things to do, fun and romantic things to do in Dubai city.
Trip Dubai -It is a beautiful locale with a lot to see. Trip Dubai to Experience
To make the most of your Trip Dubai you should know the whereabouts of the city. For this, before you trip Dubai City you need to answer simple queries like how to get there, where to go, what to see.
Holiday Vacation in Dubai. It has recognition for alluring people with exciting
Excellent Vacation in Dubai - City as a tourist destination came up in the very recent past and the progress led the whole world into a state of pleasant shock.
Dubai - Visa for Dubai city, UAE - Information on Visa for Dubai
Do you need a visa for Dubai? Read what are the requirements and how to get online visa for Dubai city.
Visit Dubai city, UAE - Comprehensive information on Dubai city
In this article we talk about why, when and how to visit Dubai, as well as Jews visit and visa requirements to visit Dubai city.
Visit Dubai to enjoy your unforgetable holidays. Visit dubai City
You have more than one reason to visit Dubai. Be it beautiful locales, out of the world entertainment, visit dubai for exotic cuisine, state-of-art shopping or great business, you can get it all.
Weather in Dubai - Your guide to the weather in Dubai city
The weather in Dubai is sunny and enjoyable. Vist Dubai City website to know more about Average, Annual, Seasonal, Winter and Monthly weather in Dubai City.
Weather in Dubai City - Information on the Weather in Dubai, UAE
The Weather in Dubai Makes it a Land of Sunshine and Warmth. Located in the desert region, the weather in Dubai, comprised of rising mercury levels, high humidity, bright sunny days and meager rainfal.
Wild Wadi - Things to do in Dubai City - Wild Wadi Water Theme Park
Wild Wadi is a water theme park in Dubai. It is located between the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Burj Al Arab in Jumeirah, Wild Wadi is just a 20-minute drive from the city centre.
Wonder Bus Dubai - Sea & Land Adventures - The Dubai Wonder Bus
Wonder Bus, as the name suggests, can fill you with a mystique feeling as the Wonder Bus takes you on a tour straight to the sea from land.
Write a Review - Dubai Ratings and Reviews - Visit Dubai City
Have you taken a trip to Dubai City recently? Write a review and share your experiences with the people who visit our website, visit-dubai-city.com.
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