Where is Dubai? Finding an Answer

Where is Dubai? If this is the question you have been pondering over for some time then you need to find out its exact location. Dubai is strategically positioned on a shore on the southern Gulf area.

Where is Dubai Located? - It is located between 25°16’ North and 55°16’ East. Dubai is on the northeastern area of UAE. It stretches above 115 KM on the Gulf Coast and reaches the old village of Hatta about 120 KM to the east.

You will notice the placement of Dubai on the globe has affected things like its climate, its proximity to the sea, its deserts, its time in comparison to GMT (The Gulf Standard Time is 4 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time), etc.


Dubai covers an area of 3885 square kilometers. You may know it ranks second among the seven emirates of UAE in terms of the largeness its area.

Dubai is constructing four artificial groups of islands causing further expansions in its area. Three groups of islands that go under the name-The Palm- cover areas of 80 square kilometers, 7 million square meters and around 14 million square meters. The fourth group of islands-The World- covers an area of 9 kilometers in length and 6 kilometers in width.

The Boundaries

Dubai is situated along the Trucial Coast of the UAE and is bound on the other side by the great Arabian Gulf. Sharjah is located just beside Dubai on one side while Mina Jebel Ali is situated alongside Dubai on the other side.

There are quite a few emirates that are close to Dubai, Sharjah, also known as Ash Shariqah, being the closest on one side. The emirate on the other side of Dubai is Abu Dhabi. However, Abu Dhabi is far from Dubai and you will not find other emirates between them.

Hope that you found the answer of "Where is Dubai?"

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