Do you want to know - Where is Dubai Located?

Where is Dubai Located? – That’s a question we were asked a lot.

The enticing talks about Dubai with its beautiful locale and grand history and heritage will automatically make you long to go to Dubai.

The first question that will pop up in your mind is where is Dubai located? An answer to this question and other relevant questions has been attempted in the following section.

The Dubai City's Exact Location

Dubai is located on the southern area of the Arabian Gulf and the northeastern side of the United Arab Emirates. The latitude of Dubai is 25°16’ North and the longitude of Dubai is 55°16’ East.

Dubai extends to Hatta, an ancient village, which is 120 KM to the east and also extends to more than 115 KM on the Gulf Coast. The Greenwich Mean Time is 4 hours behind the Gulf Standard Time.

Dubai extends to an area of 3885 square kilometers. The area will further increase due to the addition of the artificial islands- The Palm and The World. Located on the Trucial Coast of UAE, Dubai overlooks the Gulf. It is situated between Sharjah and Mina Jebel Ali.

The Best Time to Go Dubai

Now that you have come to know where is Dubai located, you must be wondering the best time to visit Dubai City. The location of Dubai greatly affects its climate. Hence, you need to know which is the best time to schedule your trip to Dubai.

Tourists generally flock to Dubai during the months between November and April. This is the time when the weather is pleasant and you can venture outdoors to explore the exotic and picturesque city.

The Gateway to Dubai

Your means of reaching Dubai will depend on the location you will come from. Traveling from an area close to Dubai can be undertaken with the help of public buses, cars, water taxis, ships, etc.

However, like most tourists if you come from other countries you need to avail of the flights coming to Dubai. When it comes to the airlines operating in Dubai you will be spoilt for choice. The facilities that the Dubai International Airport offers you are par excellence and make your journey very comfortable.

After your trip to Dubai, the question - where is Dubai located will require no atlas. Instead you will discover it richly treasured in the pages of your albums and deep in your memory.

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