Your Guide to Weather in Dubai City

What is the Weather in Dubai? - Dubai the second largest of the seven Emirates is a desert city on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai enjoys sunshine almost year round.

The little rainfall that it experiences generally occurs between the months of December to April.

Weather in the Dubai city is sunny and enjoyable. The climatic condition is dry and subtropical and is typified by humidity, high temperature, and scanty rainfall in summer.

Average annual weather in Dubai

During day time the temperature is around 40° Celsius (105° Fahrenheit). The temperature of the ocean often reaches 37°C during the hottest part of the summer. Whereas the temperature is moderate and varies between 30°C and 35°C, in winter. In the winters, Dubai experiences the average temperature of 24°C accompanied by irregular rainfall. The annual average rainfall is between 5 and 10 inches.

Seasonal weather Dubai City

May to September marks the summer season in Dubai and are extremely hot with daytime temperatures rising to 40°C. July and August are the hottest with an average temperature ranges between 430C and 85% humidity to 48°C and 95% humidity. The sea temperature is about 37°C.

Winter weather in the Dubai

During October to April the weather is pleasant with an average maximum temperature of 24°C and lowest temperature around 150C with fog in the early mornings. The rainfall that occurs usually in December or January is about 6.5cm per year and it rains only for five days a year on an average.

Monthly weather in Dubai

During the month of January the average maximum temperature is around 24°C accompanied by a cloudy weather. The average maximum temperature often increases approximately by one degree in February. March indicates spring and the temperature tend to rise to around 28°C. With an average temperature of 33°C April brings the most beautiful weather in Dubai city.

May marks the beginning of summer in Dubai and the maximum temperature varies between 37 and 38°C. Northwesterly gradients are generally developed in the month of June; and the climate is hot and dry and the temperature typically reaches a maximum of approximately 39°C.

Sea temperatures become horribly warm reaching 32-33°C during July and August with a temperature ranging between 41 to 44°C. September experiences the highest humidity of the summer months of Dubai and the average maximum temperature is 45°C. October is the most pleasant month with an average temperature of 35°C although the humidity remains reasonably high. The mean maximum is around 30°C in November and falls to 26°C in December with an average rainfall of 15 mm.

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