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When to Travel to Dubai city? - If you have read even a bit about Dubai, it will come as no surprise the summer months are not the best time to travel Dubai.

If you are planning a vacation in or around Dubai, the best time to visit Dubai would be in the winters when the evening Dubai weather is wonderfully cool (almost to the extent of being cold as you move closer to the dessert).

Do I need a Visa to Travel to Dubai?

If you are planning to be in Dubai for more than a fortnight stay, you would need to get a 'sponsor' who can get you the visa. The easiest is to get a transit visa when you land at Dubai Airport but that is limited to a certain hours and works best when you are there for a short vacation. Read more about Dubai Visa here…

How to Travel to Dubai UAE

Air connectivity is excellent in Dubai and if you have trouble getting direct connections, you can opt for Abu Dhabi which is a short 45 minutes drive to Dubai. The Dubai International Airport is impressive to say the least and offers enough amenities to let you spend a few hours there without even noticing the passage of time. Though Dubai offers good waterway connections, it is recommended only if you are taking an onward cruise from the Emirate. There are no medical check requirements for travel Dubai but if might be a good idea to take anti-malaria shots just in case.

Is it safe to travel Dubai?

Dubai has been getting plenty of foreign attention thanks to all the construction work going on there and the way the new properties are being marketed to Americans and Europeans. This makes it a safe city and the strict rules of the land relating to petty crimes also add a degree of safety to it. However, it is still advisable to do a quick check to your travel directives on your country web site.

Important Notice
Please note that the Dubai Department of Naturalization & Residency has recently revised Visa regulations.

Please check with the nearest uae embassy for the latest information or contact the Dubai Naturalisation & Residency administration department.

Please check DNRD Website for upto date Dubai Visa information

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