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Dubai Travel - All Roads that Lead to Dubai

Travel to Dubai - Depending the place you are coming from you will get a variety of ways and means to reach Dubai.

You can travel to Dubai from any corner of the earth with the help of the flights that will reach you to the famous Dubai International Airport.

If you are, however, from the neighboring places you may like to avail of the buses, cars or water taxis. There are no train services in Dubai.

Dubai Travel By Air

The national airline that operates in Dubai is the Emirates. In fact Dubai is the base for it. You can use it to come to Dubai from anywhere in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Indian Subcontinent and Australia.

For airport departure you do not have to pay separate taxes. Other airlines operating here are Qatar Airways, Cyprus Airways, Air Ukraine, Kuwait Airways, Cathay Pacific, etc.

Dubai Travel By Bus

You can also travel to Dubai by bus. There are number of bus that can bring you to Dubai from the various neighboring cities like Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, etc.

These are minibuses that can accommodate 14 passengers. You can get these buses at approximately 20 minutes intervals. The rates of the tickets are fixed and service is quite good. There are also two buses plying to and from Muscat everyday.

Dubai Travel By Cars

You can easily drive to Dubai if you are staying in some city nearby. The highway leading from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is an excellent road. You need to be above 18 years and have an International Driving Permit, a national license and a passport to be allowed to drive to Dubai.

If you are a visitor you should get a temporary driving license. If you intend to drive your way into Dubai you should comply with the traffic rules too. You can get cars on hire as well.

Dubai Travel By Water

You can travel to Dubai and reach its man-made port Jebel Ali Port used by 120 shipping companies. However, there is a restraint on the number of passengers. Another port, the Port Rashid also caters to the needs of people traveling to and from Dubai.

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