Transit visa for muslim wife


I have a residence visa of uae,profession is partner,i came to Pakistan for my marriage, now i am going back and i want to take my wife with me on that 14 days transit visa, I applied transit for her along with my own passport and visa copy as a proof that i am her husband and already got a residence valid visa, but they are refusing to give her visa with the reason that your wife's age is less than 25,I AM REALLY SURPRISED BY THIS BULLSHIT REASON THAT BEING A MUSLIM THERE IS NO RESTRICTION IN AGE TO MARRY SOMEONE,AND WHERE ARE THE VISA DEPARTMENT WHEN MORE 1000000 OF PROSTITUTES ARE COMMING IN UAE FOR CLUBS PER MONTH AND THEY KEEP THERE EYES CLOSED,AND WHEN SOME MUSLIM ANTS TO TAKE HIS WIFE WITH HUM THEN THEY OPEN THERE EYES FOR AGE OF HIS WIFE.........WAT A BULLSHIT, PLZ HELP ME OUT HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM OF MINE,I SHALL B VERY MUCH THANKFUL TO U 4 THIS KINDNESS

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