The sponser refuse to cancle my husband visa and he is out of country for more the 7 month be half of my husband can i apple in labour to cancle my husband visa

by sabhiya patel

My husband NADEEM NASIR PATEL was working in a company called Wajdan hamid trading for past 3 year and after completing his 3 year of job he had renewed his visa in the same company but during the time of rescission the manager of the company said my husband to search a new job for him and with the god grace he got the other job also he went to the manager requesting him to cancel his visa and at that time my husband came

to know that the local sponsor had put my husband and also the other working in the company in absconding in the labor we he had completed his first year but his emigration is clear and again when we went to the manager with this issue the manager was not in his the place and the company was also closed how ever we find the local sponsor and said him all the things he said that that to leave the country and stay in home tone for six month and after completing the duration call him and meet his he will cancel the visa when he said this i said my husband to leave the country and my husband is in India for more then 7 month i went to meet the sponsor and gave my husband original labor card to the sponsor and he said me to call after a weak when i called him after a weak he said he will cancel the visa but will not tell me the exact day it will take 1year or more then that but he said regarding this matter i should not call him i am really in a big trouble what to do and what not to i am staying with my son and i want my husband back in a New visa is there any solution for this matter can any one suggest
me a good way.

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