The Middle East Laboratory Technology Conference & Exhibition (MIDDLE EAST LABTECH 2011)

by Gulf Press Centre

The conference will take place November 11,2011, in City Seasons Suites, Deira Dubai.

The theme of this Conference and the Exhibition is “Advanced Technology Solutions for Laboratory Management”. The conference will bring together regional, national and international experts in all aspects of laboratory operations, including new techniques, work force development, quality, health, safety and environment management.

The conference aims to offer a floor for all delegates to interact with experts in laboratories operations that support various industries.

The conference provides an opportunity for participants to meet with scientists, engineers, academicians and technologists from all over the world.

Participants will include department chairs, program directors, education coordinators, advisors and faculty members from hospital and college/university-based educational programs for clinical laboratory scientists and clinical laboratory technicians.

Target Audience:
Heads of Laboratory,General Managers,Hospital Directors,Pathologists,Doctors,
Physicians,GPs,Biologists, Blood Bank Managers,Biomedical Technicians, Chemists, Chief Laboratory Technicians, CMOs, Chief Technicians, Clinical Biochemists, Clinical Chemists, Community Medicine Practitioners, Endocrinologists, Forensic Scientists, Geneticists, Haematologists,
Heads of Diagnostics, Heads of Microbiology, Heredity Disease Specialists, Histologists, Histopathologists, Immunologists, Laboratory Technicians,
Microbiologists, Oncologists, Pharmacologists, Phlebotomists, Virologists, Infection Control Personnel, Molecular Biologists, Pathologists, Toxicologists, Immune Geneticists, Human Geneticists, Tropical Medicine Specialists, Parasitologists Infectologists, Clinical Pharmacologists, Internal Medicine Practitioners etc..

The Virtual Classroom is a hub of activity: an informal setting where Conference participants can meet to discuss various topics of interest will be another added advantage for the delegates which is organised by aipce across the globe,the CME Facilitator, associates of Global Citynews, alliance member of UNESCO.

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