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Dubai is home to several immigrants who arrived in the country looking for jobs. As a result there are several international schools here. These schools have their syllabus modeled after the American or the British style of education, so as to match with the international standards. Hence, there is always a requirement for highly qualified professional teachers for these schools.

Teaching Jobs in Dubai - British or American Style?

Teachers who have experience in British or American style of teaching are more favored. Mostly, foreign teachers are recruited on a contract basis for a few years. Hence, there is always a demand for teachers keeping in mind the number of new schools being inaugurated constantly. Moreover, the foreign teachers prefer working in Dubai because they can save a lot of money during their stay in the country.

There are some important factors which must be kept in mind before taking up a teaching job in Dubai. You must enquire in detail about the work environment, the salary structure and also the incentives. Most importantly you must clarify about the kind of qualifications that are required for a specific teaching job.

Why is there a high demand for teachers in Dubai?

There are two reasons behind the high demand for teachers in Dubai. The first being the number of new schools opened each year creating a vast number of openings. Secondly, almost all the schools in Dubai offer extra educational services during the summer breaks. This calls for a need of qualified teachers.

What do you need for a teaching jobs in Dubai?

Although it is not a must to have British or American qualifications to take up a Dubai teaching job, nevertheless it is true that teachers with such backgrounds are favored over the rest. But this does not mean that teachers from other nations cannot apply.

The main requirements for such a job are:

  • You should have a good knowledge of the English language and be able to skillfully use it for spoken and written assignments.

  • You should be a certified teacher and your qualification certificates must be attested by a public notary of your country. Further, you are required to visit your embassy and get the notary attested by the embassy.

  • You should have the experience that is required for the job.

In many countries the embassies take the initiative to help job seekers with all the formalities related to seeking teaching jobs in Dubai. After the formalities are completed you can start applying to various schools in Dubai for the positions you are interested in. Keep checking for vacancies regularly on job sites, school websites and newspapers.

When applying for a job apply with a well structured resume, mention any awards you might have received in the academic field, and also your willingness to relocate. All these should help you get a good position in a good school in Dubai.

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