Sales Jobs in Dubai City

What Does It Mean To Have A Sales Job in Dubai?

Dubai is the dream destination for shopping to your heart’s content. Be it luxury good or property, you won’t be taxed for purchase. The picture is rosier for those who have a Dubai sales job, since selling can be a cakewalk in Dubai, while you also get paid well.

Sales jobs in Dubai can be fun and interesting if you are the type of person who likes meeting people and closing deals. It also involves a lot of exciting travel opportunities rather than sitting in front of your computer the whole day. If you also happen to be in market which is backed by a booming economy, then you can look forward to a happy time ahead. Dubai is one such economy where the economy is very active and there are thousands of transactions happening every hour.

Since it is a tax free zone, trade transactions, property purchases and other forms of sale are happening very frequently. People all over the world are eager to buy goods, property or other things in Dubai, since they do not need to pay any taxes for them. For such huge demand there is always a necessity for sales persons who can help customers. In Dubai, there is always a huge demand for everything. To top this, there is a plethora of MNC’s who are coming in to set shop at this region. All this is giving rise to a huge demand for sales people.

Types of Sales jobs in Dubai

The Dubai sales jobs are not simply restricted to salesmen, saleswomen, or sales executives. If you have relevant experience in the sales industry, you can also be recruited as a sales consultant. Sales consultants or senior members of the sales team are seasoned professionals who have already worked in the relevant industry for some time and also have vast industry knowledge. Such professionals are so well versed with the industry that they can even predict market trends and identify potential customers easily.

There are also a large number of vacancies for sales engineers. These sales people also need to have technical knowledge about the products or services that they are selling along with sales skills.

Growth opportunities

As far as a sales job in Dubai is concerned, there are options galore. All industries have vacancies for sales jobs and even if you a fresher who wants to join in, you can find a job. The flourishing industries in Dubai are healthcare, finance, construction, and of course the tourism and hospitality industry. All these industries have immense opportunities for growth as a sales person and also pay handsomely.

One of the best places to hunt for a sales job in Dubai is the UAE yellow pages, or even the job sites. ‘Dubai Job Secrets Guide’ is another book which is a popular resource for getting sales jobs in Dubai.

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