Location of Dubai - The Right Place to Go

Are you looking location of Dubai in the Globe..? Dubai boasts of an extremely advantageous location on the globe that has helped Dubai to flourish economically to a great extent.

Its latitudes are 22° to 26.5° North while its longitudes are 51° to 56.5° East. It is strategically positioned between Asia and Europe.


The favorable location of Dubai has made transport extremely convenient. It is not just the air and the road routes that you can avail of in order to reach Dubai. The sea and the waterway also provide you with excellent alternatives.

The Dubai Creek and Dubai?s proximity to the Arabian Sea facilitate marine transport. The Creek, you will notice, harbors small and moderate sized ships, boats, dhows and abras while the bigger ships use the larger Arabian Sea.


As you have already seen the waterways have aided transport, it is inevitable that it will uplift trade as well. Cargo ships from the Gulf area, East Africa and India are a common sight at the ports of Dubai. It has developed into a major international trade center. Again it is able to tap marine resources like fish, pearl, etc.

Keeping its strategic location in mind Dubai has also improved its communication and pursued an economic policy that is free. You can understand that being close to Arab and Gulf countries, Europe, America, Asia and some African states have also helped Dubai in establishing strong commercial bonds with them. Dubai is located in such a place that it has access to the vast natural resource of oil, gas, gold and other metals. These have further improved its scopes for international trade.


You will notice that the location of Dubai has also helped it in becoming a vital tourist destination. Its nearness to the sea is the cause of its beautiful white beaches. The Dubai Creek has facilitated attractions like the Dhow Cruise.

Again its desert brings for you the famous Desert Safari of Dubai. You will find it obvious that the location has had an effect on the climate and if you are yearning for the heat and the sun Dubai is where you ought to be.

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