Living in Dubai city?

by alvin cruz
(Makati City, Philippines)

What would be the average income/salary per month for a family of 4 to be able to survive living in Dubai city? considering the food, clothes and renting or owning a car and house.

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Nov 14, 2008
by: Gerald King

I worked in Dubai for three years with a engineering company. I earned about 27000 Dirhams per month with a portion of that being directly deposited in the UK for my wife and children who elected to stay there. I lived very well, bought an apartment, drove a BMW, went out to eat a couple of times per week and still saved about a third on my total income over the three year period. I heard from colleagues that the schools there are great and endless and lucrative opportunities for professional people. My family did not come with me because of the extremely hot weather, loss of friends and extended family contact and my wife's understandable attachment to her medical career in the UK.

Jul 12, 2008
Salary in Dubai
by: Mohammad Zahir Sherzai

as an afghan i am working in Dubai since two years, so it should be mentnioned that I am receiving more then 2800$ per month and i have a very good life down here. and thanks from all arab brothers.

Jan 13, 2008
Average Income
by: Anonymous

What is the average salary needed to live in dubai

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