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IT Jobs in Dubai - Kick Start Your Career

The IT industry is growing in leaps and bounds within a very short span of time. One of the reasons that are speeding up the globalization process is IT. It enables resources to communicate, work, allocate and plan work smoothly, irrespective of the geographical location.

It allows businesses to manage multiple offices across the globe without being present in person. IT is a huge industry, and there are various uses of it. The most popular Dubai IT jobs could be clubbed under:

Application Specialists

There are other IT Jobs in Dubai that require application specialists. Candidates with certifications on special applications such as SAP, Oracle Financials are also popular in bigger organizations in Dubai. Enterprise software is popular since it helps manage multiple offices with ease and people with an experience in these fields are always required.

IT Management Jobs

This is the area where most of the employers are looking forward to recruit people. Dubai IT jobs in management related areas require candidates with strong technical background who already have some prior experience in managing projects. These are primarily senior positions where the recruits are seasoned professionals who have lots of experience in similar job profiles. In Dubai, the employers are looking for candidates who have a list of technical degrees on their list rather than only experience. If you have a combination of both, then you are definitely in a better position to secure the job. Candidates with a master’s degree in IT from any university in the US, UK, or Australia are more preferred than the others.

IT Security Jobs

Finally when all the above functions are working together in Dubai, it is important that these remain safe and secure. All IT enabled offices need to be protected from viruses, hackers, and others problems, since they involve transactions worth a lot of money. Candidates with experience in firewalls, routers and other security systems are in high demand.

IT Support Jobs

All offices that have an IT infrastructure in place require backend support. So there is also a huge demand or most of the companies in Dubai have vacancies for IT support technical staff such as Network Administrators, PC Support Technicians, etc. the basic qualification that is required for these posts is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) degree. Experience is these fields is also given higher preference. There are vacancies for people with knowledge on accounting applications also.

If you have a combination of qualification and experience, then there are a variety of IT jobs in Dubai city you can choose from. Just log in to some websites and start looking for your dream job.

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