I'm going to Dubai - but need advise

by Liz Thannhauser
(Eganstown, Victoria, Australia)

I am an 18 year old Australian female, and have friends in Dubai. I was planning to visit them in October, but am a little worried, this will be my first visit to Dubai.

1. Is it safe for me to travel alone? is it okay for me to walk around the city alone? should i?
2. I have a low budget, but want to get the most out of my experience as I can, and was wondering whether you could advise me on decent low budjet accomadation, and activites. What's a good cheap way to see the city?
3. And last, I was a little nervous about the food in Dubai, but after finding and exploring your website I am more confident, thank you. I don't really like spicy food and can only tolerate mild stuff so you can see why I was worried.

my email is:

if you could reply and advise me, it would help greatly. thank you.

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