How should i proceed if i go to dubai for 2 weeks searching for jobs?

by Heshan

I am 26 years and working as a senior financial analyst for a leading financial institutions in India. I have 4 years working experience and possess full qualifications in a professional management accounting body (UK) plus a Business Administration degree.

I have been applying for so many jobs online (more than 100 jobs) using sites such as gulf talent, monster etc etc but no one has contacted me yet. Now I am thinking of visiting Dubai for 2 weeks and trying to meet some agents in order to get a good job which pays AED 15-20k per month.

Do you think visiting there for 2 weeks would be much more effective than the online applications?

when i go there how should i proceed?

Do the agents over there hold interviews on behalf of companies?

I am just wondering whether 2 weeks would be sufficient for me to find a job.

thanks. looking forward to advice from you all!

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