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The history of Dubai goes back to the 18th century when Dubai was inhabited by Bani Yas tribes. It was a village of fishermen. You can further track the history of Dubai to Before Christ era based on the evidence found in graves close to Al-Qusais.

The fishing village, you hear about, started growing when the Al Bu Falasah tribe members of the Bani Yas tribe settled in Dubai in the 19th century. The inhabitants of old Dubai earned their living from of the sea. Besides fishing, they were also involved in pearl and marine trade.

Within another century, you will notice that the ports and markets in Dubai had recorded considerable development and prosperity. This attracted inhabitants from India, Baluchistan and Iran. Resorts and country houses to serve as the perfect getaways for holidays and weekends have replaced the historical villages along the coastal line of Dubai.

During the same period a lot of Arabs and Sunnis from Persia came to inhabit Dubai and form the district of Bastakiya. Simultaneously, Dubai witnessed the settlement of Indian migrants. You will find these people were extremely successful in terms of establishing and developing the markets in Dubai.

Meanwhile Dubai had been sufficiently exposed to cross-culture. You may notice that one-fourth of the population of Dubai was composed of migrants from various places. As a result global trade and commerce was made possible.

The cultured pearls from Japan posed a threatening competition to the pearl industry in Dubai. Pearling in Dubai suffered a major setback but was compensated to some extent by the international trade developments. This was later followed by the production of oil that helped Dubai to take a giant leap in terms of development and prosperity. As you know, the production of oil in 1960s was a major landmark in the history of Dubai.

Dubai encountered the long rule of both H H Shaikh Saeed Bin Maktoum and his son H H Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed al-Maktoum who succeeded him soonafter. You may know that the later sheikh is the present ruler of Dubai and had been assisting his father much before he could inherit the thrown.

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There are records of the town of Dubai from 1799. Earlier in the 18th century the Al Abu Falasa lineage of Bani Yas clan established itself in Dubai which was a dependent of the settlement of Abu Dhabi until 1833.

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