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Worried about the Food in Dubai?

With tourism on the rise in Dubai, the city has proved to be the center of multi cultural synthesis. A spicy dish may stimulate your taste buds.

Alternately you may find subtle flavors more appetizing. Whatever your taste you are sure to find the food in Dubai of your choice. The demand for food and drinks are so high that the amount of exports that Dubai is making is rising in leaps and bounds.

Variety of Food in Dubai

The variety of food available in Dubai may leave you wonderstruck. The variety could be in terms of the origin of cuisines, the types of food or the cost of the food. Be it American, Lebanese, Iranian, Pakistani, Asian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Thai, Malaysian, Mexican or Arabian, Dubai has it all.

From snacks and fast food to a complete five-course meal, you can get anything here. A three-course meal could cost you anything between 65 Dirham to 650 Dirham.

You can visit restaurants like Al Muntaha, La Baie, Signatures, Sphinx, Verre, Chrysanthemum, Legends Steakhouse, etc., if you are looking for an elaborate dining experience. For a formal dinner you could give a serious thought to options like Al Boom Floating, Al Dawaar, Casa Mia, China Times or Peacock. On occasion when you wish to freak out with friends you may choose the more trendy varieties like Café Chic, Indochine, Minato, More, Pierchic.

Restaurants like Cactus Jacks, Da Vinci?s Restaurant, Deira City Center Food Court, Thattukada, Woodland Avenue, etc. when you want to keep it simple and reasonable. Places like Al Mansour, India Palace, The Manhattan Grill, Noodle House, and of course Al Mahara are worth a visit too. If you want to combine eating with fun you may choose from the long list of nightclubs and bars that offer dining facilities.

There are certain eateries that specialize in a specific cuisine while there are several others that serve multi cuisine food. Tidbits like shawarma and fala-fil are extremely popular and cheap foodstuffs in Dubai.

Food in Dubai - Extravaganzas

There are numerous food shows, festivals and food displays organized throughout the year in Dubai. There are several competitions and conventions that provide a boost for the culinary industry

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