Emirates Physiotherapy Conference – Physio Dubai 2010

When: 28 - 30 March, 2010

Where: Emirates Towers, Dubai

What: Following the great success of Physio Dubai 2008, the Emirates Physiotherapy Society is proud to announce the Third International Emirates Physiotherapy Conference, Physio Dubai 2010. The conference will focus on presenting the latest scientific knowledge in various aspects of physiotherapy practice related to movement dysfunction.

Conference objectives:
1. To contribute to the professional development of physiotherapists by bringing together experts to share their knowledge and research findings.
2. To provide an opportunity for local physiotherapists to expand collaborative networks for learning regionally and internationally.
3. To identify and describe current evidence – based practice in physiotherapy management.
4. To highlight the role of multidisciplinary approach in the physiotherapy practice.
5. To provide a forum for presenting and sharing knowledge and ideas at an academic, conceptual and clinical level.

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