by Prashant Joshi

Hello Sir..

I am an Indian citizen and just now studying in Russia.... My friend lives in Dubai and i want to stop over in Dubai for around 2-3 days... so i think the 96 hour visa is perfect for me... i will be travelling by emirates from Russia .... so do you think i should directly come at Dubai with a ticket of break of 2 days and directly rent a room hotel at the airport?? or shall i do something else??? And if you think i should apply for the visa from here in Russia for 96 hours visa then i wont be able to book my ticket till 28 or 29 may !!! and i want to depart from here on 13th june... so will it be hard to get that 96 hours transit visa in advance??? As i thought it will take around 2 weeks to process the visa so i think the best option for me is directly on the airport i take on the hotel and pay!!! but please tell me about the chances of not getting it?? Please reply soon... it would be very helpful for me
Thanx A lot
Yours sincierly

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