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Weather in Dubai City

Dubai weather forecast

The Dubai city weather forecast features a sub-tropical, dry climate with occasional and irregular rainfall occurring mainly in winter.

The temperature in peak summer reaches 40°C and increases in the further inland areas; whereas winters are more pleasant.

Weather forecast services are available at Dubai with the help of Aviation Weather Decision Support System (AWDSS) that provides automated and extremely detailed, immediate forecasts on meteorological conditions for the aviation industry.

Dubai weather average

The average climatic condition of Dubai promises sunshine with very little amount of rainfall. Summers are hot and strong sea breezes are experienced though rainfall is scanty and unusual. During winter the weather is warm and sunny with an average moderate temperature. The mean rainfall is 6.5cm per year and it rains only for five days a year on an average.

Year round weather Dubai

Summers in Dubai are extremely hot with very scanty and erratic rainfall. June to September is marked as the hottest months, when temperatures climb upward during the day. The humidity levels are also very high with an increased sea temperature. The rest of the year, weather condition is a bit more moderate. The coolest time is between December to March. Rainfalls are common in winters. In Dubai, the minimum temperature is generally experienced in the month of January and it seldom goes below 12°C.

Dubai weather conditions

Dubai experiences a dry subtropical climate characterized with clear blue skies and sunshine, and summer storm. Dubai city weather observes diverse types of winds blowing across the desert. The first major Shamal which occurs around May 25th is characterized by mild north-westerly breeze and is known as the Al-Haffar. The second that arrives in early June, is called Barih Thorayya. Al-Dabaran, the last Shamal, arrives by the end of June.

Weather temperature

The average temperate of Dubai rises to mid 40s during summer. Sea temperature is approximately 37°C. The temperature often ranges between 430C to 48°C in the hottest months of July and August. The winters of Dubai are very comfortable and pleasant with a mean maximum temperature of 24°C and lowest temperature of more or less 150C.

Dubai weather monthly

January is the coolest month with a cloudy weather, while February is the wettest with a moderate temperature. March to May indicates spring with a constant rise in temperature. The climatic condition in June is hot and dry. July and August are characterized with extreme hot and summer storms. September is the highest humid month of summer, whereas October, November, and December are pleasant and experience rainfall.

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