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Working Visa for Dubai Requirements

"Dubai Work Visa – The Ideal Gateway to the Arab Financial Capital!"

One of the prime reasons for millions of people thronging Dubai each year is the number of employment opportunities opening up in the region. Eespecially in arenas such as architectural construction, the oil industry, media and engineering.

And it is not only the South Asian populace that has been coming to the city (even though they still are a majority of the expatriates). Even Europeans, Americans and Australians are in a large number as well.

Dubai Work Visa General Information

As with every other major city, Dubai too has put forth some stringent rules and regulations as far as doling out Dubai Work Visas are concerned. We shall dwell on some of the basic facts that monitor how you can apply for and obtain a work permit, without having to unnecessarily invest in local agencies for the same. A working visa for Dubai is valid for 1-3 years upon approval, and can be extended or renewed as required through the same procedure following during the issuance of a new one.

Dubai Visa Requirements

For obtaining a work visa Dubai, you need to have a sponsor in the city, which in this case, means your employer. This again points to the fact that you need to have a valid work contract or an employment agreement in the city before you can even apply for such a visa. Apart from this, you also need to possess a valid passport and travel insurance, both of which are equally crucial to a speedy acquirement of a work visa Dubai city.

Dubai Work Visa Processing

The employer (or future employer) must arrange for application of the work visa with your co-operation. This entails seeking the same from the city's Immigration Department along with the required documents. Once all of it is verified and the fees paid, you can expect your visa to arrive in a short while.

How much does Dubai Work Visa cost?

Fees levied for issuing a Dubai working visa are considerably higher than other types of visas issued in the country. It entails a fee of 1,000 Dirham for the individual seeking the work permit. However, in case of a firm sponsoring the individual, it has to pay an added fee of about 4,000-5,000 Dirham in lieu of the medical tests, labor card issuance and caution deposits.

The advantage of a work permit in the city is that you do not have to pursue the unending formalities required of other people while entering or leaving the country. On the other hand, overstaying or invalid work visas can lead to premature ejection of the individual from Dubai itself, hefty fines starting with 1,000 Dirham along with a possible visit to prison!

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