Do You Want to Know When the Best Time to Visit Dubai is? Dubai Weather Is Very Pleasing

When you ultimately plan to travel you should actually know the best time to visit Dubai. This trip depends upon the Dubai weather and climate.

You can easily examine of the Dubai weather if you divide the year into phases.

January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December could be the four time phases that may use for understanding the Dubai weather.

Weather in January to March

You will find the period between January and March the most comfortable period in terms of the weather in Dubai. The temperature is moderate and could rise to a maximum of 30 degrees centigrade while the minimum temperature is around 15 degrees. The relative humidity is around 65. The precipitation is about average in January while you may witness higher precipitation in February and March. It is sunny for almost 8 hours everyday.

Dubai Weather in April to June

You may feel the months between April and June to be slightly warmer. The average temperature is generally between 35 and 40 degrees centigrade. The humidity is slightly lower than the preceding months and ranges approximately from 50 to 55. You will get little rainfall in April while hardly any in May and June. The sunshine remains for about 11 hours each day.

Weather in July to September

You will notice a gradual change in the weather during July, August and September. July is probably the warmest month of the year. You will find the other two months are also quite warm at about 40 degrees centigrade. The humidity is more or less same as the previous phase. You may get scanty rainfall during these months. It remains sunny for about 10 or 10.5 hours daily.

Weather in October to December

The Dubai weather, you will experience, again takes on a pleasant mode as it approaches the months of October, November and December. October may continue to be slightly uncomfortable but the following months are always nice. The maximum temperature in October may be somewhere around 35 degrees while the minimum temperature could be around 25.

You will see about a maximum of 30 degrees centigrade and a minimum of 20 or below in the other two months. The humidity level rises up slightly during these months and could range between 60 and 65. According to the Dubai weather October and November has moderate rainfall while December has higher precipitation.

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