Dubai Waterfront Welcome the World

Imagine a grand city on the sea

Dubai Waterfront is a startling new development. The intension behind the creation of the Waterfront in Dubai is to build a superlative destination for businesses, visitors and residents in the fastest growing city of the world.

It is an accumulation of islands and canals studded with homes and luxury hotels. It extends the coastline of Dubai by 800 kilometers. This magnificent district, bigger than Manhattan, will change the shape of Dubai and will offer more than 250 communities.

Planning for its construction started in the year 2002. It is expected that over the next ten years, the whole city will rise from the water and the sand on a series of man-made islands. The waterfront will have 10 kilometers of canal, 7.5 miles of natural beachfront, and a harbor having a breadth of 2 kilometers.

In history, the development of Waterfront Dubai will be considered as the largest artificial development in the world. Sea access for trade as well as for entertainment is provided by the harbor. Dubai Waterfront will have fashionable resorts luxury hotels, together with an underwater hotel, shopping centers, Hydropolis, cultural arenas and entertainment venues.

This project will also feature numerous planned communities and waterfront developments. It will consist of 10 major areas which will also include Madinat Al Arab which is expected to become the vital business district and new city center of Dubai.

The waterfront Dubai is surrounded by a chain of zones with diverse use, amenity, resort, residential and commercial areas. On the harbor, it is expected that the planned communities may provide house to more than 400,000 people. This project will build 5 sq kilometers of coral reef, numerous waterways and roads and an extra 850 kilometers harbor which is almost 12 times the length of the existing coastline of Dubai.

The arc shaped Dubai Waterfront will also fabricate a shelter around the Jebel Ali Palm Island. Situated close to the Dubai World Central International Airport, and with straight admittance Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Sheikh Zayed Road, the city will be reachable on an international and local scale.

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