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If Dubai looks appealing and you want to embark on a tour to Dubai city you need to get yourself a Dubai Visa for entering the city. If you belong to an Arab Gulf Co-operation Council Country or certain selected countries you do not need a Visa. An entry permit is enough.

However, if you belong to any other nation you may require a transit visa, tourist visa, visit visa, or multiple entry visa, depending on your stay duration.

Dubai Transit Visa

While traveling from one nation to another is you plan to stop by at Dubai you can avail of a transit visa. This Dubai visa is valid for 96 hours. The airline sponsoring you needs to be operating in Dubai. The ticket of the flight that you will take from Dubai to reach your final destination should be valid too.

The transit visa is free and the airport authorities will stamp a seal for entry on your travel papers.

Dubai Tourist Visa

If you are from South Africa, Thailand or China or from East or West Europe (in which case a visa will not be issued to you on arriving at Dubai) you can avail of the tourist visa. The tourist visa is a special type of visit visa.

The hotel you are lodging at or your travel agent may have the license to sponsor your tourist visa for Dubai. You undoubtedly need such a sponsor. This Dubai visa is valid for a month and cannot be renewed for a second time. The tourist visa will cost 100 Dirham. An extra 10 Dirham processing fee is required. To applying tourist visa for Dubai, you should check with your nearest travel agents or tour operators.

Dubai Visit Visa

If you are coming from one of the 33 selected countries that do not need a Dubai visa from before you can enter Dubai and stay there for a period of one month. The visa cannot be renewed.

If you enter UAE through sea, air or land you need to pay 100 Dirham. If you are a citizen of UK you can get a visit visa at no cost. The stamp on the passport shows a validity of 1 month but is valid for 2 months and can be further extended by another month in exchange of 500 Dirham.

You need Visit visa for Dubai if you are not from the AGCC countries or selected nations and want to stay in Dubai for 2 weeks or more. You need a sponsor for this Dubai visa too. You have to inform your sponsor about the date of your travel details and a copy of the first few pages of your 3-month valid passport. You should contact your nearest travel agent or tour operator for Dubai visit visa fees, and how to applying visit visa in Dubai.

Dubai Multiple Visit Visa

For a sum of 1000 Dirham you can get this visa if you are commercially related to a renowned company. The visa is valid for 6 months and each time you visit Dubai you can stay for a maximum of 1 month. You need a visit visa to enter Dubai and can get this multiple visit visa once you are there.

If you are a citizen of Germany you can one or two years visa for a sum of 1500 Dirham. If you are a US citizen you can get a one to ten years valid visa for no cost. However, you need a sponsor and cannot stay in the city for more than 6 months.

Dubai Visa Requirements

If your passport has an Israeli stamp you will not get a visa. For your visa you would need your passport, a copy of your Dubai visa application form that must be duly filled in with all relevant details and relevant signatures, 2 photographs, a letter from your sponsor and the original and a duplicate of the letter from your company.

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