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Once you reach Dubai, which you generally do via the airlines, you need find modes and means of getting around the city of Dubai unless you are in Dubai because of transit.

Dubai is an extremely beautiful and attractive city and hence you should explore the Dubai city thoroughly. For this purpose you will find various transport facilities available.

Dubai Travel by Bus

You can find local public buses near the Gold Souk, Deira bus stand and Bur Dubai station. These buses will take to most of the places and beaches in the city.

Some buses play to the airport as well. You will find the bus numbers and routes written in English and Arabic on the buses. You can buy a monthly bus pass that is available at a discounted rate.

Travel Dubai by Taxi

This is the most popular way of commuting through the city of Dubai. Metered taxis are cream colored and you will see the drivers in uniforms. In case of non-metered taxis you may have to bargain for the right fare.

Taxis are quite cheap and you can conveniently avail of them, as they are plenty in number. Dubai Transport can help you get one. Theirs are the only taxis that you will see near the airport.

Dubai Travel by Cars

You will notice that hired cars are common modes of transport in Dubai. The roads in Dubai have proper signs and hoardings for directions. These cars are also cheap. Hence it is extremely convenient to hire a car but you need to take care, as the driving system is inconsistent and accident-prone.

To hire a car you need to be above 20 years old and need to possess a year’s driving license. You also need to produce the International Driving Permit and a valid passport.

Dubai Travel by Waterway

The abras or the water taxis and the dhows are common conveyances you can use across the creek. The Abras ply across the creek from dawn to midnight.

One route starts from the Bur Dubai Abra Dock and goes to Deira Old Souk Abra Dock. The other route starts from the Deira Old Souk Abra Dock and ends at Sabkha Abra Dock.

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