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by Subha
(Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)

We are 4 adults and 1 child - We want to see the major attractions in Dubai and Jumeirah.

Please advise is there any Dubai tour package for the same.

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Apr 22, 2009
by: mr.khaled almokdad

Dear sir / madam

I am very pleased to write to you and hope that you are well. I would like to offer you some useful advantage for both of us so if you find that convenient then we can email each other. As I work in a travel agency and this work as you know stimulates people all the times of the year and encourage them to come and visit their second country. As all of us know that Syria is considered as the second country of any civilized Man and that has been relied on history, ruins and excavations. So those specialists confirm that humanity came from this place where Mary goes with its own history 4000 years BC , Ebla's palace library still have the first bilingual dictionary on earth, Palmyra the very amazing and fascinated kingdom where those specialists could find the bones of 150000 dead man during their excavations and even the Jews used to say that this oasis was built by the demons, still too many caves that the first Man on earth live in , three villages till now still talk and communicate by the Aramaic the language of Jesus Christ and even the alphabet that they could find in a place called Ugarit on the coast here is considered as the first alphabet that they could find .Anyway too many things to talk about so if you feel that we can make this business together then we can email and supply each other with more information.

With all my respect

Mr. Khaled Almokdad

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