Dubai Sports City

The Play of Beauty and Magnificence

The Dubai Sports City is a dream project that is taking shape. Most of the establishment has been completed. You can expect the remaining additional features to be completed by the end of the year 2007.

With the completion of Dubai sports city and for that matter the world, will witness a unique self-sufficient sports locale. It will provide with a global location for hosting sports events together with facilities for living as well.

At the Sports City in Dubai you can live and breathe sports and experience the quintessence of sports over its 50 million square feet area. It is the first city in the world that is being built to be solely dedicated to the purpose of sports.

It has an outdoor stadium that has a seating capacity of 600000 and an indoor stadium with a seating capacity of 100000. These can be used for various purposes. You will also find a cricket stadium with 25000 seats and a hockey field meant for an audience of 5000 people.

Dubai Sports City - Provisions

You will find remarkable services and facilities at this sports city. It provides beautiful and developed venues that have the capability of hosting almost all types of sports events. Besides having venues specifically created for hosting cricket (at the Cricket Stadium), hockey (at the Outdoor Hockey Field) and golf (at the Dunes Golf Course), it also has multi purpose indoor and outdoor stadium.

The indoor stadium can host events like handball, basketball, volleyball, netball, ice hockey, indoor hockey and other entertainment shows. At the outdoor stadium you can enjoy various field and track sports like football and rugby.

Here you will also get an opportunity of being a part of various sports academies and training sessions. You can also enjoy other facilities like accommodation, sports rehabilitation centre, swimming pool, etc.

Dubai Sports City - Staying There

If you want to stay in the proximity of sports you can find a suitable accommodation in the Sports City. The residential option is complete with eateries, parks, hotels, shopping, education, medical arrangements, mosques, entertainment, etc.

Interestingly you are likely to find some malls and retail areas that are based on sports themes. The Victory Heights with its luxury and activities, the Gallery Villas with its uniqueness and the Canal Residence with its variedly styled constructions guarantee you with a world-class lifestyle in an athletic ambience.

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