The Dubai Ski Resort

A Snowy Surprise in the Desert

Did you hear about the Dubai Ski Resort?

It is indeed beyond a person?s imagination to find a ski resort in a desert. Dubai has worked several wonders and has once again made the impossible possible.

The Ski Resort is a new phenomenon that has been yet another attempt to keeping Dubai in the limelight of global news and tourism.

The Dubai Ski Resort Plan

The inviting ski slopes of the ski resort will allow you to wear clothes and shoes that are meant for the snowy areas despite staying in a desert. This ski resort is an indoor feature with an outdoor effect. You will notice that it has been engineered to a height of 25 stories and the slope is 400 meters long.

This resort ranks third among the largest indoor ski resorts in the world. Majid al-Futtaim is the founding father of this resort and has strategically positioned it in the famous Mall of Emirates.

This resort is spread over 22,500 square meters and has 6000 tons of snow. The snow layer is 50 centimeters thick and consists of real snow. 30 tons of snow is created each night by controlling the indoor temperature.

The Dubai Ski Resort Features

At ski resort you will get skiing and more. You can enjoy some tidbits at the resort's café. You will also have access to the changing rooms situated below the slope. The area below the slope can also be used for outdoor sports. It has an ice cave and hills that can be used for tobogganing and sliding.

You will also find a park for snowboard stunt and a quarter-pipe of a length of 90 meters. You can learn skiing in ski resort Dubai or can brush up your already existing talent. If you are not in the mood of serious skiing, you can have fun by volleying snowballs at your friends.

Winter All Year Round

The snow remains frozen throughout the year and you can even experience snowfall here. You can enjoy all the sports activities specially meant for winters in a snowy place.

Once you are inside the Dubai ski resort you can completely ignore the rising mercury level outdoors. You will find five separate skiing trails with different inclines meant for different levels of skiers.

The main slope has a curve of 60 degrees to add some adventure. You will notice the steep trails have been cut into steps to avoid avalanches.

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