Dubai Short Break

The Perfect Getaway for Your Weekend

Dubai Short Break - The weekend may seem too short a time to completely experience the exotic charm of Dubai. However, even a short break in Dubai is not something that you will ever regret.

Dubai has a lot to offer and whether you are looking for a quiet break or an action packed one Dubai will not disappoint you.

Dubai Short Break Preparation

In order to optimally use your Dubai city short break you should make sure that you have thoroughly planned and prepared your trip. You should make list of to-dos that includes the likes of flight tickets, hotel booking, visa formalities, car hiring, etc.

These things should be done well in advance if you want to avoid confusion in the eleventh hour. Besides, you should also plan the things you intend to do during your short visit to Dubai, as you will have very little time to decide once you get there.

You can even opt for a weekend package that many tourism companies offer, as their tours can be quite well organized. You preparation will make your break short but sweet.

Dubai Short Break Shopping

Another major attraction that Dubai holds for its visitors is its shopping option. This is something without which your trip to Dubai will not be complete. The duty free policy and the low import duty add to the attraction of shopping in Dubai.

The traditional souks like Gold Souk, Spice Souk, and souks with carpets, perfumes, silk, etc. offer excellent shopping options at extremely low prices. You can haggle and strike outstanding bargains.

If you are looking for a more contemporary shopping experience, Dubai can provide the same with its numerous developed malls like Dubai City Centre, Pyramids, Wafi Shopping Mall, etc.

Short Break Dubai Things to Do

Dubai has a lot of places to visit and a lot of things to do. Among the places that offer you great sightseeing are the traditional Bastakia district, the Grand Mosque, Dubai Creek, Wild Wadi water theme park, Ski Dubai, Dubai Zoo, Al Nasr Leisureland, Wonderland and numerous other places.

You can also spend your time by enjoying yourself on the Dhow Cruise, Wonder Bus, Big Bus, and Desert Safari and also at the beautiful beaches or the lively pubs and nightclubs.

Since you might be pressed for time you may select the couple of these attractions and make the most of your Dubai short break.

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