Dubai Shopping Festival

Festival in Dubai - On an Annual Shopping Spree

The Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual event that found its origin on 15th February in the year 1996. Initially Shopping Festival was designed to boost up consumerism but later it went on to take on an entertaining tint.

The public and the private sector offer you this shopping experience. Shopping is the main focus of this festival but entertainment is also an essential part.

Dubai Shopping Festival organized during the beginning of the year under the theme ?One World, One Family, One Festival?, the festival can provide the perfect holiday for your family. People from every corner of the earth visit Dubai during this festival.

As you can understand, the tourism sector reaps the greatest benefit of this shopping festival. They also help the festival gain popularity by promoting and publicizing the event. You can avail of various offers, related to travel and accommodation, during this time. This encourages the visit of more and more tourists.

Dubai Shopping Festival - The event

You may know that the shopping festival has risen to its present stature under the able guidance of General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The preparations for this great event begin way in advance.

You will be pleased to know that this festival is a celebration of universal fraternity, brotherhood and delight. Besides shopping options, this festival brings forth for you a variety of entertainment options as well. You may be impressed by the fact that Shopping Festival in Dubai is partnered by renowned brands like Dubai Duty Free, Visa and Emirates Airlines.

Brands like Ekaterina & Maria Fashion, Paris Gallery, Al-Futtaim Group, Philips, Cosmos and Landmark Group are some of the participants in this festival. You can avail of heavy discounts at the festival.

Dubai Shopping Festival - Entertainment

The shopping festival essentially revolves around shopping but you will also find that entertainment is a major area of interest during this festival.

You will find entertaining surprises designed by the different departments in Dubai. You will notice they are often related to heritage, education, nature, knowledge, food, adventure, etc.

The Dubai Police, Land Department, Dubai Customs, Dubai Municipality, etc. are some of the departments that organize these events.

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