The Dubai Parks - Green Entertainment Zones of Dubai

Dubai boasts of being the city with the highest number of planned Dubai parks in the UAE. Dubai has tried to provide recreation and entertainment for the citizens and the visitors there.

These Dubai parks also add greenery to the environment and serves like breathers in the city. The Jumeira Beach Park, Dubai Creek Park, Al Safa Park, Mushrif Park and the Al Mumzar Park are considered to be the most popular parks here.

Jumeirah Beach Park

The park stretches for 13 hectares with cool blue waters, sandy beaches and beautiful palm trees. This park was established in the year 1989. The entry to this park will cost you 5 Dirham and 20 Dirhams for your car. Monday is kept apart for ladies only.

Dubai Creek Park

This modern park owes its name to its location near the Dubai Creek. It houses the famous Creek Club and is situated almost at the center of the city. It stretches over an area of 96 hectares and is ranks second among the largest Dubai parks in Dubai. You will find the cable cars an interesting constituent of the Dubai Creek Park. Your entry fee will be 5 Dirham.

Al Safa Park

This is the perfect hangout for sports freaks, as it comprises of lawns meant for basketball, jogging, volleyball, football, tennis and also a gym. The waterfalls and lakes are very attractive and are even attract various beautiful birds. The park is spread over a 64 hectares area. You will have to pay 3 Dirham for entry.

Mushrif Park

This is the largest park in UAE and covers and area of 525 hectares. You can enjoy the camel ride and the International Village here and can see beautiful gardens too. You have to pay 10 Dirham for your cars and a 10 Dirham swimming fee for adults and 5 Dirham for children.

Al Mamzar Park

This park stretches over a 99 hectares area and is situated on the gulf shores. Hence, you can understand that this is a beach park. This park houses a number of bungalows with modern amenities, an amphi-theatre, games areas, amusement area, etc. You will have to pay 5 Dirham for your entry and 30 Dirham for you car. Wednesday is specially meant for the ladies.

All Dubai parks have eateries, barbecue areas, sport playground, children?s games area, special days and place for ladies only.

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