Dubai Palm Islands

Also known as Dubai Palm Tree Islands and The Palm Dubai

Constructed by Nakheel properties, the Dubai Palm Islands also known as The Dubai Palm Tree Islands and The Palm Dubai are the three biggest man-made islands of the world.

This project is undertaken by Nakheel Properties, and the construction of these three Dubai Palm Islands will increase the shoreline of Dubai by 120 kilometers. In May 2001 this idea was first declared and it was expected that the construction of the Palm Tree Islands will help to maintain the position of Dubai as a famous tourist destination.

The smallest of the three Palm Islands in Dubai is the Palm Jumeirah which is positioned on the coastal area of Jumeirah in Dubai. The construction of Palm Jumeirah Islands started in June 2001. This island is mainly a residential area for leisure, relaxation and living. It will contain three types of villas (Town Homes, Garden Homes and Signature Villas), themed boutique hotels, cafes, restaurants, marinas, beaches, and shoreline apartment buildings. This island will also contain some top 25 multinational hotels like Hilton, Metropolitan, Oberoi, Chedi, Starwood, Only Royal Mirage, etc.

The middle-sized island of the three Dubai Palm Islands is the Palm Jebel Ali. The construction on Palm Jebel Ali Island started in October 2002 and is likely to be finished by end of the year 2007. It is situated on the coastal area of Jebel Ali in Dubai. For both children and adults, The Palm Jebel Ali Island is more of an amusement destination. It attracts both tourists and residents. Palm Jebel Ali Island will be bigger than Palm Jumeirah by 50%, and will consist of a ?Sea Village?, six marinas, water homes constructed on stilts between crescent and fronds, and a water theme park.

The largest of the three Palm Islands Dubai is the Palm Deira Island. It is situated on Dubai?s Deirah coastal area. Although, initially, The Palm Deira Island was not proposed to be developed, but the declaration of its construction was issued on October 2004. This island will cover an area of 80 sq kilometers, and will have a length of 14 kilometers and a breadth of 8.5 kilometers. You will also find clubs, sports facilities, shopping malls, marinas and residential properties on this island. The three Dubai Palm Islands are also known as ?the Eighth Wonder of the World.

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