Dubai Palm Island - A Man-made Wonder

The Dubai palm island is a plan that is being executed and is on the verge of completion. The construction of three Dubai palm islands has been proposed.

These will be the three largest man-made islands built near Jumeirah, Jebel Ali and Deira. Dubai gives you yet another reason to consider it as one of the best tourist locations in the world.

This concept of the islands, also known as the Palm, was officially announced in May 2002. A lot of people have been considering this as a prospective eighth wonder of the world. The Al Nakeel Properties have undertaken the task of building these palm islands in Dubai.

The natural resource of oil in Dubai seems to be swiftly draining out. The islands will help in establishing a distinct notch for Dubai tourism and will in a way compensate the reduction in the income due to the exhaustion of oil resources. The sand beaches added to the land mass will measure 20 KM and you can see the whole structure even from the moon.

Palm Island Design

Dubai Palm Islands Palm Islands in Dubai

The three islands will be constructed in the shape of palm trees with 17 branches around each of them. A reef that is 7.5 miles long and 3 miles width will surround these branches. There will be 990 feet bridges that will connect the branches to the mainland. Two harbors will also be constructed so that you can also commute on boats.

The entire area of the Jebel Ali palm island is 80000000 cubic meters. Palm Jumeira is not as large as the other two while Palm Deira is the largest of the three. You may find it interesting that Palm Jebel Ali will have an Arabic verse inscribed in landmass around it.

Dubai Palm Island - Features

The Palm Island will be the perfect retreat for not just your holidays but for your everyday lives as well. You will find coastal residences, water homes, luxurious villas and sophisticated hotels to stay on the Palm.

The marinas will solve the problems, if any, in traveling around the Dubai Palm islands. You can also look for entertainment in the form of water theme parks, eateries, theatres, malls, spas, sports centre, etc.

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