Dubai Nightlife - Bustling with Activities

Dubai nightlife can indeed be full of fun and excitement. However, you need to have a sound knowledge about the nightlife activities that you can participate in as well as the rules and regulations you need to follow.

With the increase of tourists, especially those of European origin, the nightlife of Dubai has become more and more alive.

Dubai Nightlife Activities

As you already know, that nightlife in Dubai has become extremely vibrant in the recent times, thereby leaving you with no dearth of night activities that you can undertake here to enjoy yourself.

You may choose to visit the numerous Nightlife pubs and clubs, where the liquor never stops flowing. You can also smoke from the flavored shisha. These clubs will provide you with excellent lively music to which you can certainly shake a leg.

The special DJ nights and parties are also common events at these clubs. Moreover you can also watch a movie or have a subdued time at the coffee houses if you so desire.

Dubai Nightlife Popular Hangouts

The bars are extremely popular, as drinking is often a major way of enjoying yourself. You can find well-developed bars like The Irish Village- the oldest bar in Dubai.

Among the newer ones you will find carter?s Ginseng, Rock Bottom Café, ShoCho, BarZar, Fatafeet Café, etc. The nightclubs in Dubai abound in plenty. Planetarium in perhaps the most sought after nightclub in Dubai. Scream, Pancho Villa, Oxygen, Tangerine and Trilogy are some of the other popular nightclubs.

If you are looking for some great music to spice up the nightlife you might as well visit Planet Hollywood, Bordertown and Irish Village.

Dubai Nightlife Norms & Regulations

The Muslims are not supposed to drink, though some of them do drink. However, visitors who are not Muslims may enjoy their drinks at bars and nightclubs.

Most Nightlife clubs are open till almost 2:00 in the morning. Thursdays and Saturdays are the busiest nights at these clubs and bars and you may even come across clubs offering you happy hours. Tuesday and Sundays nights are dedicated to the women folk and they are served free drinks.

If you are below 21 you will not be allowed to touch liquor. Your entry into the Nightlife clubs may also be restricted if you are below 25 years old. There is hardly any restriction on the dress code but extremely casual attire may not be accepted.

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