Visit Dubai Nightclubs to enjoy your holidays in the Dubai City

Dubai Nightclubs - Making the Nightlife Come of Age.

Dubai Government has invested an immense amount in developing the tourism in Dubai. With tourism on the rise there have been plenty of European visitors who have found their way to the city.

Other visitors of developed and modernized countries have also recognized Dubai as their perfect tourist destination.

This has aided in making the nightlife in Dubai much livelier than it would have otherwise been. With this nightclubs have also entered a booming phase.

Nightclubs Features

Presently, with the Dubai nightlife becoming more and more vivacious, Dubai is being flooded with nightclubs. These nightclubs do perfect justice to their names and live up to the expectations of the visitors from all over the globe.

If you are looking for real music, a dancing spell and a puff of nicotine while the liquor keeps flowing the nightclubs Dubai will not disappoint you. Thursdays are supposed to be the busiest nights in the clubs.

The reason for this is that in Dubai the weekend comprises of Thursday and Friday and not Saturday and Sunday. Most of the nightclubs have special events on these busy nights. Tuesday is dedicated to the ladies in most the clubs. Ladies are treated to free drinks in several nightclubs.

Dubai Nightclubs Regulations

You will find it interesting to know that people generally do not get drunk at nightclubs in Dubai. Firstly, for most people a holiday in Dubai is not an inexpensive ordeal. Secondly, there is a 30% ?haraam? tax on the drinks.

Hence, you will generally feel the pinch when you have to buy a drink for about 20 Dirham and will therefore discourage you, like most other people, from buying too many drinks for yourself.

Moreover, getting involved in a hassle in the nightclub could land you into trouble especially if it is related to misbehaving or eve teasing. When it comes to the dress code at nightclubs, whether you are a girl or a boy, you are expected to wear clothes within the range of decency.

Dubai Nightclubs - Renowned clubs in Dubai

As you already know nightclubs in Dubai abound in plenty. Some of the popular joints would be Boudoir, Jam Base, French Renaissance, The Agency, The Rooftop, The Irish Village, The Lodge, 360 Degrees, Al Abaya, Al Khan Shisha Club, Al Pasha Restaurant & Keyclub, The Alamo, etc. there are many more Dubai Nightclubs coming up soon.

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