Dubai Media City - Communication at Its Best

Dubai Media City is the perfect place for media to flourish. If you have a commercial plan in mind that is relevant to media, you can set it up here at the local and global markets and you can be certain about having profits pour in.

The Dubai Media City project has taken shape under the guidance and with the initiation of Dubai?s ruler His Highness General Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Media City, Dubai - Objectives

You would be interested in knowing that the media city was established with a few goals in mind. Firstly, the economy of Dubai would move on to become and grow as a knowledge-based one with the help of this city.

Secondly, this endeavor would help Dubai to cater to the global media market with all kinds of media related services. Finally, Dubai will be able to create a distinct niche for itself in the international market by being one of the best suppliers of such services.

Dubai Media City - Aspects

There are various types of media related businesses that you are likely to find here. Music, new media, marketing, publishing, print media, broadcasting, information agencies, film, entertainment, leisure and other services related to media are some of them to name a few.

You will get a lot of facilities here that will go a long way in helping to run your media business smoothly. You can move capital easily, your income will not be taxed, you can avail of excellent infrastructure and support service and the market here holds great potentials.

You can get various types of office as well as retail areas here. Hence you must have realized the place and prospect of the Media City Dubai in the field of media.

The Business Centre

As you already know, the Dubai Media City offers you with commercial space there for your media business. At its business centre you can find the perfect space for your business. It does not matter whether your space requirement is for a short duration or for a long duration.

You can also get sponsored here. The leasing options are not too rigid here. The authorities will also help you with make your visa processing easier. You can conveniently set up and run your business in Media City irrespective of whether you own a small company or whether you are a freelancer.

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