The Dubai Life
The Rich Man’s Paradise

Dubai life has become an alluring proposition for many people. There are several reasons behind it. Firstly, Dubai is a tax free zone and you take home exactly what you earn.

Secondly, the property and real estate market looks quite lucrative. These were just two of the many reasons that make Dubai life attractive for people to immigrate here to work and live.

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Things to Do

The speed of life in Dubai is quite fast. If you are prepared for real hard work Dubai is the place for you. You are also rewarded appropriately for your hard work. You can enjoy the real essence of Dubai life if you can have as much fun as you can work.

It has so many exciting things to do that it is simply not possible for a person on a holiday to completely experience all that Dubai has to offer. However, they can of course enjoy some of the major attractions of Dubai.

Dubai Working Life

The job opportunities in Dubai are growing everyday. With the establishment of developments like the Media City, the Internet City, etc., the scopes are expanding. As you must be already aware if you are employed in Dubai you have to work very hard.

Since the standard of living is quite high you can well understand that the employees are generally paid well. However, this is not mandatory. There are a lot of ill-paid jobs and hence when you get employed you need to verify your prospects.

Dubai Life - Cost of living

The cost of living in Dubai is quite high in comparison to other places. For instance, a bottle a liter of mineral water can cost you 1.5 Dirham in the market, a bottle with 33 cubic liters of beer may be priced at 18 Dirham and a decent newspaper could cost around 10 Dirham. Hence, you should take care that if you are staying in Dubai you have the means to live up to the standard of the city.

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