Dubai Knowledge Village
A Treasure of Wisdom

Dubai Knowledge Village is one among the various developments that Dubai has accomplished. A centre for education that spreads over such a wide area is indeed very unusual.

The Knowledge Village Dubai provides for an entire community for education to develop and flourish. Through the efforts put into creating this village Dubai will become more than just a tourist destination.

Dubai Knowledge Village Dubai Knowledge Village


You will notice that with the development of this special area for knowledge Dubai will achieve the status of a major location for education too. Moreover, Dubai’s achievement will in turn affect the status of the entire Middle East region and make it a hub of education and development.

The knowledge village in Dubai will spread the utilization of e-Learning in academics and training of Middle East and aid it by heading and advocating it and providing proper facilities for it.

You will find out that this attempt on the part of Dubai will also find ways to help it to reduce and even nullify the existing regional disparities in terms of talents. The knowledge derived in this village will be instrumental in connecting and growing the industrial talents and expertise.


The community that will be formed at the Dubai Knowledge Village will comprise of educational programs and institutes from all around the globe. The amenities will provide services and assistance related to education. You will be able find facilities that supply professional instructions.

You will also come across foundations that will aid the development of management. At this village you are likely to encounter the sources of systems, facilities and content related of e-Learning and centre for R&D. Freelancers of education and training will also be found.

Dubai Knowledge Village Developments

This knowledge village was established in 2002 and ever since Dr. Abdulla Al Karam has been its CEO whop later went on to become the Director of HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid IT Education Project. He has been instrumental in making Dubai Knowledge Village a seat of developments. If you are a student with new community website you can avail of value-added services here.

You can also find various scholarship programs here. There is an exclusive project called “Tamkeen” that has been initiated to facilitate the education process of people who are visually impaired. Being a student you can also enjoy support and assistance provided by the DSSP or The Department of Student Services and Programs.

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