Dubai Islands - Changing the Face of the Earth

Dubai has two major plans for the construction of artificial Dubai islands.

The first one is The Palm Island and the second one is The World Island. The Palm involves 3 groups of islands, each constructed in the shape of a palm tree.

The World, as the name suggests, is built in a shape that represents the world map.

The Palm Dubai Islands

Dubai Islands Palm Islands in Dubai

The three mentioned groups of islands are located near Jumeirah (the smallest one), Jebel Ali and a third and largest one at Deira. You will find that each group of palm tree-shaped island has a main trunk, 17 branches and a protective circular ring surrounding the structure.

The Palm Jebel Ali has a famous Arabian verse inscribed around the branches of the palm tree. You may be aware of the fact that The Palm is still under construction. Bridges and waterways will solve the problems of commuting to the islands from the mainland.

At The Palm you will find luxurious hotels, posh estates, exclusive water homes, water parks, marinas, spas, and state-of-art provisions for relaxation and entertainment.

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The World Dubai Islands

Dubai Islands World Islands in Dubai

This world map-like shaped group of islands comprises of 300 private islands. You will notice the structure has an elliptical breakwater surrounding it. Each island represents the different place on the globe like Hong Kong, Victoria, Nepal, New York, etc. This group, you will see, is segregated into 4 subgroups dedicated to dream resorts, private homes, community islands and estate homes.

The sizes of the world dubai islands vary between 250000 to 900000 square feet. The islands are spaced out with 50 to 100 meters of water between them. Vehicles suited for the waterway will be the only modes of transport.

If you are among the most affluent people in the world you can actually own an island. It covers an area of 60 million square feet with 10 million square feet dedicated to its beaches. Besides being rich you need to qualify various other criteria to own an island.

Nakheel is developing these groups of Dubai islands. You will agree that they will add beauty to Dubai. However, environmentalists feel these islands will adversely affect the marine life in the Gulf.

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