Dubai Internet City
The Ultimate IT Hub

At the Dubai Internet City you will find advanced prospects for the Information and Communication Technology Industry. This establishment can help you to effectively tap the global IT market.

The Dubai Internet city was instituted in 2000 and within a short time span of only 6 years it has been able to develop a manifold. It proudly houses the cream of the IT sector as well as some humbler businesses.

Some of the industry big wigs that you are likely to find in this impressive list are IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Sony Ericsson, HP, Siemens, etc.

The Internet City in Dubai is said to be the biggest commercial IP Telephony network in the world. It has reached great heights with the help of its developed broadband infrastructure of Metro Ethernet and other services.

You will notice that it has a remarkable line of affiliates as well that comprises of the Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Outsourcing Zone, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Media City, International Media Production Zone and The Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park.

Internet City - Objectives

You will be impressed to know that this Internet city has been established, through the initiation of the ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, with a visionary aim.

It strives at setting up an atmosphere and “attitude” (in the words of the ruler of Dubai with reference to problem solving attitude towards the clients and partners) that will aid the various Information and Communications Technology businesses functioning from Dubai to conveniently do so on a local, regional and international level.

Internet City - Advantages

If you are planning to set up your IT business in the Dubai Internet City you are about to make a wise decision. You can be a gainer in several ways. You will have complete freedom from corporate and personal income taxes for fifty years.

You can completely own your business and reap the benefits of the profit. You can get a chance to brush shoulders and even transact with the global IT giants. The channel and market development prospects are very high. You will have an extremely advanced technological infrastructure at your disposal.

You can also avail of the reasonably priced digital voice and super fast data services. The Dubai Internet City authorities can aid you with government assistance, documentation services, web hosting services, office maintenance and other support services too.

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