Dubai International Airport

Tourism is an intricate part of the Dubai economy. The Dubai International Airport is a vital means that aids in making it so. The growing tourism has therefore affected the rapid growth of Dubai Airport.

There are more than hundred airlines operating in the Dubai airport. At present there are innumerable passengers accessing the airport and this number is expected to increase a manifold in the next five years. The process of expanding the airport is underway.

Dubai Airport Terminals

Dubai International Airport mainly has two terminals and a third one has been proposed. The Sheikh Rashid Terminal is referred to as the main terminal or Terminal 1. This terminal has 36 lounges and 25 boarding gates divided into 5 different levels.

You will notice a top-notch system for passenger clearance has been installed in this terminal. This system uses a swipe card machine that enables passengers to pass through and handles their specifications electronically.

Terminal 2 is comparatively smaller and is used for special flights like cargo, business and chartered planes as well as for regional planes from neighboring CIS countries and Iran. A third terminal called Al Majlis is only used for VIP and personal flights.

Dubai Airport Commuting

You can easily commute to the Dubai Airport with the help of public or rented vehicles. Public transports would include both buses and taxis and there are plenty of them.

The taxis are more reliable but more expensive too, in comparison to the buses. Sophisticated lodgings often provide shuttles for the same. Again traveling from one terminal to another can be conveniently done with the help of the airport vehicles.

Dubai Airport Accommodation

The most common accommodation that people opt for is the Dubai International Hotel on the third floor of the Sheikh Rashid Terminal. It provides sophisticated facilities. This saves a lot of traveling after arriving at Dubai.

There are a lot of hotels around Dubai International Airport too. You can get information about them from the help desks that the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce has put up in the Terminal 1 arrival hall. You can also make the hotel bookings from the travel desks in the same hall.

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