Dubai Indoor Ski Slope
Feel the Chill Even in the Hottest Climate

UAE being a hot country offers its most spectacular charm in its largest and coolest Dubai indoor ski slope attraction.

So you live in a warm country yet you can ski in chilling conditions, you feel the scorching heat bite into your skin yet the cooling effects of ice soothe you. This ambiguity of fire and ice offered by Dubai indoor ski slope can be a lifetime experience. So just try it out.

Skiing Wonders

This indoor ski slope is actually showcased in the interiors of a magnificent ski resort in Dubai. Encompassing an area of 6.5 million square feet over 3 levels and inclusive of over 420 specialty stores, this resort transfers all to a wonder world of ice and snow.

Dubai's indoor ski slope dome also captures all the aspects of mountain spirit woven into its constantly changing terrain, varying slope gradients and multiple direction slopes.

Dubai Indoor Ski Slpe Ski Dubai Upper Slope

Surrounding Aesthetic Surprises

When you go for skiing in indoor ski slope, you don’t have to think for the ski equipments or other allowances. You will be allowed to choose from a trove of winter clothes, snowboarding and ski equipments.

While there are qualified professional instructors teaching you to complete 5 different runs of varying difficulty and length, there are also facilities for kids to enjoy their share of skiing experiences. The state-of-the-art ticketing system helps you to get the tickets easily without hassles; the prices are also quite reasonable.

Dubai Indoor Ski Slpe Ski Dubai Tubing

The entertainment spirit transcends beyond the ski fields because of the indoor theme park, situated just outside Dubai indoor ski slopes. The theme park has state-of-the-art rides with a theatre facetted with seats for 500 audiences and a cultural center that is amply evident of the artistic skills of the people.

You can even try out some snacks, hot/cold drinks in the cafes or shop to your hearts content in the retail shops selling high-tech items.

Dubai Indoor Ski Slpe Ski Dubai Ice Cafe

So whether you are interested in indulging into the icy coolness of the skiing experience or drowning amidst cultural wonders, whether you want to try the mouth-savoring dishes or simply gaze at your children playing with snowballs, Dubai indoor ski slope offers you everything.

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