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The Best Hotel Accommodations In Dubai City

The Dubai Hotels - In order to accommodate its ever-increasing tourist population Dubai has been bound to come up with a vast supply of various types of hotels.

Your selection of Dubai hotels could depend on factors like your purpose of visit, your choice of location, your budget, etc.

The city has a monstrous number of hotels, the most famous one being Burj Al Arab. If you are in Dubai merely on transit then you could go for Dubai International Hotel.

The Dubai Beach Area

The coastal region has a proximity to the commercial area. Again beaches, especially exotic ones like those in Dubai, always attract a lot of tourists. Hence a lot of people, businessmen and visitors alike, opt for beach side hotels.

From these hotels you can get a view of the Arabian Sea. From most of the hotels near the Jumeira beach you can reach the heart of the city by a mere 20 minutes taxi ride. This ride will cost you 30 Dirham approximately.

Other Dubai Areas

The Dubai Creek is a famous area at the heart of the city where a lot of visitors prefer to stay. Besides the convenience of the city the hotels here can offer you with a view of the creek and its dhows.

The locality near the Dubai World Trade Centre has also developed considerably. You can avail of various hotels here like Dusit Hotel, Emirates Towers, Shangri-La, etc.

Facilities at Hotels

You will get different facilities at different hotels in Dubai. Some of them will allow you to make free locals calls and access to the Internet. Again some others may charge you about 2 Dirham for a call or Internet connection per minute.

In certain hotels in Dubai you will find fully furnished rooms with televisions, refrigerators, mini bars, etc. You will also find swimming pools, pubs and gymnasiums in lots of them. At some hotels you will be offered with complementary wine bottles too.

Dubai Hotel Charges

The charges for the Dubai hotels could range anywhere between 60 US dollars to 1000 US dollars per night. The charges may vary depending on the size of the rooms, quality of service, inclusion of food, duration of stay, etc.

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