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The Dubai Healthcare City (DHC) will cater to the needs of services of clinical nature and related to physical and mental wellness. Dubai has come a long way in the past few decades.

Along with the various types of developments that have taken place in modern Dubai healthcare has also been given immense importance. The Dubai Government has dedicated an entire area solely for healthcare purposes.

The Aim

The mission behind the entire plan of the Dubai Healthcare City is to create a centralized area in the Middle East for services, academics, research and development related to the medical field and life science. This city is the first free zone for health care in the world.

The aim of this development was to establish an area for the management, provision, education and research of the choicest creative health care. Despite the global nature of the area there are no impositions of excessive laws and regulations.

International nature

Dubai Healthcare City has been contemplated to be characteristically global. Invitations have been sent to renowned global institutions that deal with the provision of health care facilities and relevant academics, services and R&D.

The pioneers of Dubai health care city would like to witness the establishment of units from the institutes in order to facilitate a good synthesis in an advantageous environment. Positive responses have been received from institutes in the US, Germany and Great Britain with special importance given to the academic area.

The setups here will have to reach the global standards of building and quality. The international rule of a mandatory reception of recognition within 3 years from establishment will also be applicable here. There are self-governing boards with global representatives to manage licensing and quality and to make various decisions.

Dubai Healthcare City - The Plan

The entire DHC consists of two main sections. The first section spread over an area of about 4.1 million square feet is situated behind Wafi City. The other section, meant for wellness facilities, has not been announced yet. The various assistance and amenities provided by the health care city will aid the people of the UAE, the entire Middle East and the neighboring areas.

The Dubai Healthcare City along with the Harvard Medical International, with help of the patronage provided by the Center for Healthcare Planning and Quality, will supervise a system for quality assurance and will bring about a consistent development in the whole area.

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