Dubai Gold Souk
Sometimes all that Glitters is Gold

As you step into the Dubai Gold Souk you will feel you have entered a fairyland made of pure gold. The unique sight that the souk provides is breathtaking.

You will find people from all over the world like Europeans, Indians, Americans, Arabs, etc., in this Dubai Gold Souk laden with gold. It has been rightly called the "City of Gold".

Gold Souk in Dubai - Specialties

The best thing about the Gold Souk Dubai is that here you can get real gold at an extremely low price. The reason they can afford to sell gold at such a low price is that they do not have to pay taxes and duty for the gold. The price you will pay for the gold and the jewelry that you purchase will not depend on the pattern but rather on the weight of the gold.

However, this does not mean that they compromise on the designs. You will beautiful and unique designs available there in chains, bracelets, pendants, earrings, bangles, rings, etc. The range of variety could be anything between conventional and contemporary, between strong and delicate or between intricate and simple. You may be surprised to find the varied colors in which gold is available. It could be white, yellow or even pink and green.

You will find above 300 gold shops here at Dubai Gold Souk. If you find plain gold boring you need not worry. This market also offers you jewelry made of various precious stones too like diamonds, sapphires, emerald, etc.

The gold that you can buy here is generally of 18 carats or 21 carats. Bargaining or haggling regarding the cost is a common sight in this souk. Hence, you not hesitate to bargain outrageously for the jewelry you are buying. Do not try to make your trip to the souk in a rush.

Dubai Gold Souk - Important information

The Dubai Gold Souk provides you with the facility of using your credit card here. However, if you want the jewelry at a further low price it is best to carry liquid money with you especially in Dirham.

If you are staying at any one of the beach hotels you an easily avail of the free shuttle bus services to visit the gold souk. However, the bus will take you back to your hotel at a specific time. If you are in Dubai you must visit the Gold souk in Dubai.

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