Dubai Gold Market - The City with the Midas touch

You may not have a weakness for gold jewelry but a visit to Dubai Gold Market will make you buy at least a small gold trinket.

It is true that a lot of gold is imported from places like Pakistan, Singapore, Italy, Saudi, Malaysia, Bahrain, Thailand and India but the Dubai gold market is nevertheless the largest gold market in the whole world.

Dubai’s Specialty

The variety of designs that Dubai can offer you can be quite staggering. The Gold market in Dubai proudly houses more than 800 gold shops.

Due to the free trade policy, the low taxes imposed on imports and the large-scale sale in Dubai you can get gold and jewelry at a very low price.

Despite being one of the cheapest sellers of gold Dubai does not compromise with quality, which is regularly checked by the Dubai Municipality Inspections Department.

The Dubai Gold Souk

The Dubai Gold market or Souk is one of the main attractions of the city. The dazzling gold and jewelry that is stacked up the 275 shops here is overwhelming.

There are numerous designs available including both chic and conventional and you will be spoilt for choice. The types will include Indian, Arabic, Italian, etc. In case you do not find a suitable design you can even order for your desired design to be tailor-made for you.

Gold is sold in pounds here and the price you pay will include the making charge as well. At the Gold Souk you are also likely to find other precious metals like silver, diamonds, pearls, etc. but 95% of the products are gold.

The gold sold here is genuine and is never less than 18 karats. The salesmen at the souk are often Lebanese and Indians.

Dubai Gold Market - Buyer’s Guide

You should make sure that you make the best deal for gold in Dubai. In order to do so, firstly you need to check for the hallmark for gold purity on the gold jewelry that you to purchase.

Secondly, you must make sure that you have taken the invoice along with the description of the gold that you have bought and the authenticity certificate for jewelry with precious stones, as you will need them at the airport.

Finally, you can bargain outrageously and get a discount of even more than 50% at the Dubai gold market.

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