Dubai Employment Guide

Is Dubai Employment your dream?

Dubai is the wealthiest region in United Arab Emirates and also one of the most popular tourist destinations. It’s growing at breakneck speed and still has immense possibilities of growth. The attraction of purchasing any goods or property without any taxes being levied on it is something that attracts people from across the world. Who would not love to earn a six figure salary and pocket it without having to pay any taxes for it? The sizeable salary apart, Dubai also promises to give you a remarkable work experience that is very valuable in other parts of the world.

Booming Industries

If you are seeking employment in Dubai, you can choose from a long list of options. The flourishing industries are primarily tourism, healthcare, construction, or even the sales industry. One of the most popular job options available currently are that of skilled pilots. The Dubai employment scenario has a lot of vacancies for pilots currently after the national airline Emirates has expanded its services. A large number of pilots from various parts of the world are eager to join these jobs, since Dubai is a comfortable place to stay and the pay package is also much higher.

Another lucrative opening is that of financial consultant in this region. With customers across the world intending to invest in Dubai, if you are able to provide consultation on investment and financial solutions, you will be much sought after. All financial institutions require valid licenses to operate in Dubai. This prevents mushrooming of unwanted organizations and illegal transactions. With limited number of organizations, there is always a great demand for these positions. There are also ample opportunities for positions like accountants or financial software professionals.

Jobs for all

If you happen to have significant experience in any industry then you can also apply for the senior and management positions that are available in Dubai. Since there are various companies who are setting up their business for the first time, they look forward to hiring senior candidates with more experience and higher qualifications. There is more to Dubai employment scenario that just scope for highly skilled and qualified candidates.

There are various opportunities for less skilled workers such as cleaners in hotels, bagboys, receptionists, airport ground staff, or taxi drivers. If you happen to belong to the leisure and entertainment industry, Dubai has options galore. The multitude of nightclubs, discos, and other entertainment zones also hire bartenders, club staff, and various other people for their services.

If you are employed in Dubai, you have an option to lead a quality life along with earning valuable work experience.

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