Dubai Dhow Cruising - An Experience That Will Keep You Coming Back

The Dubai Dhow Cruising could prove to be the paramount of your tour in Dubai. A tour on it through the city at night could very well be described as a painter’s world beauty and excellence.

The Dhow Cruise is customarily a wooden liner that takes you sightseeing along the famous Dubai Creek. The city set against the night sky seems to palpitate when compared to the silent water that slips by.

The motion of the Cruise can reflect your reposed state of mind. It lazily moves along the creek and visits the various landmarks that make Dubai. The cruise is an indulgence worth giving into. You can conveniently avail of a distant view of the Grand Mosque, Hatta Heritage Centre or the Al Fahidi Fort.

Food & Accommodation

The cuisine on the cruise is nothing less than a feast. Treat your palette to Lebanese preparations and Oriental or even spicy Indian cuisine. Whether it is fresh fruit juice or Arabic coffee or for that matter any kind of soft or hard drink, you can find it all.

The lodging facilities on the cruise can be termed as the perfect blend between the conventional and the contemporary. The al fresco upper deck, lower decks with air conditioners, splendid bathrooms and arrangement for music lend a splendor to the Cruise. You can also find arrangements for fire extinguishers, life jackets and medical kits.

Dubai Dhow Cruising Entertainment

Your experience of the Dhow cruise lasts for 3 hours but the memory lasts for your lifetime. Your trip commencing at 7:30 PM and culminating at 10:30 PM will abound in entertainment. You will be treated to world-class belly dances and exceptional Arabic music.

The Dhow cruise passes the Dubai Creek Park and the Dubai Court and reaches the Garhound Bridge that boasts the view of architectural finesse in form of the Dubai Creek Golf and the Yacht Club. You can sail past the Heritage Village and experience shopping at its best in the Dubai souks.

You can get antique jewelry, curios, unusual perfumes, native handicrafts, exceptional fabrics and electronic goods in these markets.

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