The Dubai Creek - Spectacular, Awe-inspiring and Priceless

The Dubai Creek is a major attraction for tourists, traders and dwellers of Dubai. It keeps bustling with life throughout the year. You will see that this seawater bay cuts across the heart of the city of Dubai diving the city into two parts.

On one side lies Deira Dubai and on the other side Bur Dubai. The length of the Dubai Creek is 14 KM. You can get a unique and wonderful view of the cityscape from the Creek.

An Abra ride and sightseeing

The Creek only allows the passage of wooden vessels to maintain the traditional look that you notice today. The small boats or dhows called abras ferry people between Deira and Bur Dubai.

This 10 minutes ride is one of the most interesting ways of crossing the Creek and will cost you around 50 fils. It gives you a picturesque view of the cityscape and the beautiful Greater Flamingos and other migratory birds. The night view of the city is magnificent too.

Dubai Creek - Trade

You will find that the Creek boasts of eight docks that can accommodate more than 30 ships. It witnesses the passage of more than 700000 tons of cargo annually. You will be surprised to know that besides the Gulf States, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Iran and even India rely on the creek for their trade with Dubai.

It has a great historical value, as it has been aiding trade and commerce from its ancient days of pearl culture. Even in those days Europe and India used the creek to unload their cargo for trading with Dubai or for re-exporting.


You may be aware of the fact that the Dubai Creek is no longer in its original form. It has been developed to cater to the growing needs of trade and commerce there. Previously larger ships had to be unloaded into smaller vessels at the mouth of the creek.

Through the efforts of late H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum the project for making the creek deeper and wider was undertaken and the Dubai Creek Dredging Fund was created for the same in 1954.

The Al Maktoum Bridge was then constructed in 1964 and the movable part that you see today was added only in 1968. To control the traffic the Al Maktoum undersea tunnel was made in 1967.

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